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December 03, 2012

SMS turns 20 years today!

The first time I got to try SMS was sometime in 1996 and I did not know the first time it was established was way back in 1984.

At that time, it was still a test. It took about 8 years more before it became a standard and the very first commercial SMS was sent out in 1992.

Engineer Neil Papworth sent the first SMS to an Orbitel 901 handset via Vodafone UK’s network in 1992: “Merry Christmas.

Here in the Philippines, Islacom first offered commercial GSM service in February 1994 while Smart was first established in 1991 by Orlando Vea (now President/CEO of Sun Cellular after PLDT bought Digitel) and started commercial service in December 1993.

Filipinos send over a billion SMS each month, contributing to an annual 7 trillion SMS sent out globally each year.

Anybody remembered their first cellphone and SMS in the 90s?

36 Responses to “SMS turns 20 years today!”

  1. junn says:

    mine is 2110 nokia

  2. ronnie says:

    mine was mitsubishi around 1993 where extelcom was i thought the only cellphone provider.

  3. paul e. says:

    my first cellphone was a nokia 636. couldn’t even send/receive sms ‘coz it was an analog phone.

    my first gsm phone was the nokia 2110. can’t remember what my 1st sms was, though.

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