Texas Instrument exits smartphone & tablet market

The race to be the best processor out there proves to be too much to handle for the company behind OMAP (Open Multimedia Applications Platform) System-on-Chips as they bid farewell to the mobile industry and to focus their attention to “a broader market”.

In line with this, Texas Instruments will be abandoning their OMAP lineup which serves as an engine for the likes of Samsung Galaxy Nexus, BlackBerry PlayBook and Amazon Kindle Fire and will shift to the industrial market which hopefully brings them a more lucrative business.

One of the reasons why device manufacturers chose other chips instead of TI’s OMAP lineup is because of the SoC’s lack of built-in modem which adds to a device’s cost of production which then leads to a pricier device. Because of this, Texas Instruments had a tough time competing with other chip manufacturers like Qualcomm who caters to the majority of device manufacturers and the growing popularity of MediaTek for cheap devices. In addition, device manufacturers like Apple and Samsung also fashions their own chips for their devices with the latter even distributing their chips to be used by other companies.

Things are out of shape for the TI right now and to make things worse investors are losing their trust on the company which reflects on its decreasing shares. Can the Texas Instrument smoothly transition from one side of the world to the other? Your guess is as good as ours.


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  1. Ahh. TI’s SoC used to utilise Android well. Goodbye, TI ! We’ll be seeing their chips on cars more often though.

  2. My Archos 70 is by Texas Instruments. May active community for modding.

    I hope TI will recover, may planta sa Baguio yan diba (meron pa ba)? Para tuloy trabaho ng Pinoy workers.

  3. acerious06

    I know some friends working with TI here in Clark and I think business is doing very well. They are still hiring more people to join their team. Maybe the company is moving away from the commercial ‘finished good’ OMAP to a more of a ‘raw material’ device.

  4. I read here na hindi naman sila totally aalis sa smartphone/tablet business.



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