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August 17, 2014

The first LED basketball court by Nike

Nike just wowed the world with its full-size basketball court with LED technology built into the floor. This majestic court is housed within the facility called House of Mamba.

LED Basketball Court in action

Before we get into details, here is an introduction video about it with the Black Mamba himself:

The full-size LED basketball court is in Shanghai, China. It is built with the Nike RISE campaign wherein a group of young Chinese players compete to have a chance for the Nike World Basketball Festival in Barcelona on September.

The main purpose of the modern court is to assist Bryant in teaching the players who were already screened by Lebron James. The said LED court has motion sensors to track the movement of players on its surface. Just think of the NBA video games coming to life.

Not only that, since it’s basically a gigantic LED display, it can show markings and guidelines that is suitable for the drill. The motion sensors can then respond to the mistakes done by the player. Statistics of the training can be displayed on the surface as well.


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  1. Silverlokk says:

    Will this do away with the need to review for 3-point shots?

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