Toshiba outs new Storage Solutions

Toshiba together with EA Global Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. has recently announced a slew of new storage peripherals. So whether you’re looking for a pocketable external hard drive or a sizeable desktop drive that can even back-up your OS, the Singapore based company has your all of your back-up and storage needs covered.


These new storage solutions from Toshiba are all under the Canvio® product line. This includes the Canvio®3.0 (500GB/1TB) and Basic 3.0 Portable Hard Drive , Canvio® Desktop Hard Drive(500GB/1TB) and Canvio® Personal Cloud Hard Drive (2TB/3TB). Here are some of the notable features of these external hard drives:

• USB 3.0 port w/ backwards compatibility for USB 2.0
• Internal shock sensor and ramp loading technology (protects the drive from drops)
• NTI® Backup Now EZ software (Complete system backup including OS and settings)^
• Drive space Alert^
• Automatic Backup scheduling^
• Cloud backup capabilities^

^ not applicable for Canvio® Basic 3.0

Some of the features mentioned above are already present in some of the external hard drives in the market. To keep things interesting, Toshiba unveils the world’s thinnest and smallest 2.5-inch external hard drive in the form of Canvio® Slim Portable hard drive.


At only 8.9mm thick, the Canvio® Slim can easily be tucked inside your laptop bag or even your back pocket and off you go. It sports a brushed aluminum finish which gives it an elegant look and feel to it. The only problem with it is that it only comes in 500GB model which costs Php3,999. But if you’re the type that often brings your external drive with you, the Canvio® Slim should be a perfect on-the-go companion with its slim and lightweight design.

All of these new Toshiba hard drives are now out in the market so be sure to check out your local IT stores. Below is the price list for Toshiba Canvio® hard drives:

Toshiba Canvio Basic 3.0 Portable Hard Drive – PhP2,499 for 500GB/PhP4,199 for 1TB
Toshiba Canvio 3.0 Portable Hard Drive – PHP3,199 for 500GB / PHP4,399 for 1TB
Toshiba Canvio Slim 3.0 Portable Hard Drive 500GB – PHP3,999
Toshiba Canvio Desktop 3.0 Hard Drive – PHP5,699 for 2TB / PHP7,199 for 3TB

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  1. Bibili ako neto para may paglagyan collection ko ng Korean dramas, movies at porn.

  2. kalibugan ng buwan

    malibog kang bata ka!!! hahaha!!! sumbong kita kay tito mo hahaha!!! nung nag-ayos tayo ng mga gamit nung bagyong ondoy, ang dami kong nakitang cd ng porn sa kwarto mo. mas mainam na ilagay mo nga sa hard drive tapos i-encrypt mo para hindi mahuli yang mga porno mo, haha!

  3. @Cheso
    kadiri ka naman. kadiri manood ng kahit anong korean na palabas. yuck koreans.

  4. If there is anything that I could advice to would be buyers: DONT. Toshiba’s storage devices sucks. Wouldn’t even last you a year.

  5. Nahiya naman ako sayo sir! I’ve been using a Toshiba portable hard drive for almost 2 years now and it’s still perfectly fine. I use it most of the time.

    My advice: Wag bibili ng pirated products kasi.

  6. @yuga:
    “Canvio Desktop 3.0 Hard Drive – PHP5,699 for 2TB / PHP7,199 for 3TB” – ito na din ba ang personal cloud?

  7. @Suplado:
    We obviously have different experiences with Toshiba storage devices and I respect that, if you have yours running fine for 2 years now, then good for you, no need to be condescending, not cool. I don’t buy pirated products either.

    I am speaking on the basis of personal experience and a good number of friends. For Acer users here, i think they have a Toshiba OEM for their internal HD’s, and boy do they f*ck up within months. I have a couple of friends who have external HD’s who had the same experience. So I’m just trying to help. Besides, call yan ng bibili, I’m just trying to help. I don’t hate Toshiba as a whole, I just don’t think they are credible when it comes to storage devices.

  8. @dodong
    i also have a bad experience with this brand. my 750GB Toshiba external hdd was damaged as i accidentally plugged it to a different USB cable(cable that came from my Digicam). My collection of movies were gone in an instant.

  9. @dudel walang pakialamanan, kanya kanyang trip lang yan. Eh anong pinapanuod mo? Pinoy teleseryes na paulit ulit ang istorya? Mas lalong kadiri! You are fooling yourself kung sasabihin mong pinoys are better than koreans! Mahiya ka nga, be realistic. Kahit pinoy ka, di makakailang they are better! From entertainment to technology!

  10. oo nga naman,kung ako mas pipiliin ko pa yung korean dramas kesa pinoy teleseryes…


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