UnionBank to charge Php10 for EON card withdrawals

In a Facebook announcement earlier today, UnionBank indicated that they will start charging for EON ATM withdrawals made on their own teller machines. The EON ATM card is popular among folks who use Paypal for online transactions.

The announcement drew flak from Unionbank customers, especially those who rely heavily on the Paypal-EON link. This change will take effect on June 1, 2013 and charges amount to Php10 per withdrawal transaction.

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  1. Greedy SOBs! I’m having second thoughts about renewing my card.

  2. I canceled my UNION bank long ago, they have terrible service.

  3. Mas ok sa RCBC myWallet. Same din naman, pwede din ilink sa paypal.

  4. Iyan Sommerset

    Well, I was considering applying for an EON so I could buy stuff online.


  5. Willy Yu

    then its time to switch to other bank for Paypal link, do they think they are the only one in Philippines that can link to Paypal and has internet banking, you already charge 3xx pesos annually and its already 1 piso a day, now another 10 pesos for withdrawal via your own atm? WTF! then what? charge for paypal transfer? bye bye!

  6. They’re not satisfied with 350php, Even ayaw ko ng ganyan.. 10 php per withdrawal wala akong magagawa dahil isa lng ata tong eon card ko na pede kong iconnect sa paypal ko pag may payment ang clients ko sa freelancing service ko :(

  7. I don’t have account from them so it don’t bother me. Still, there are some other option like Smartmoney.

  8. Gosh! They’re not satisfied with 350 Php annual fee.

  9. What other banks can be linked to PayPal?

  10. ..uhm,10 pesos lang nagkakaganyan na kayo? O_o
    ..as if maya’t maya kayo magwiwithdraw no?

    ..seriously guys,this is no biggie. -_-

  11. E. Evan

    I was also considering Unionbank’s EON before since it can be linked to paypal but was turned off with their fees (annual fee and withdrawal fees after 3rd withdrawal).
    Tried looking for alternatives, and found Equicom Savings Bank. Only 100php to open atm savings acct with a Visa ATM “Key Card” which is a debit card (the real VISA debit card. Unlike the big banks’ faux debit cards: aka Cash Cards e.g. BDO Cash Card, BPI Express Cash, etc…)
    Being a VISA debit card, I was able to link it to paypal. I can also use it to buy stuff online thru VISA merchants. But though, only peso transactions are allowed. So payments to merchants billing in currencies other than PHP will not push through. Nonetheless, it’s a great card.
    One more drawback is they only have few ATMs in the metro. Good thing one of their branch is near our house.

  12. wow! 10 pesos sa own atm?

  13. negligible na yun 10 pesos,

  14. fyi bossings, 2 lang po ang atm offered to the public by ubp. EON and Regular savings. originally eon is only designed for Internet banking transactions. kung gusto nyo mag withdraw ng mag withdraw at gamitin itong libreng remittance center nyo then go.

    depositing cash OTC at any ubp doesnt even charge you 1centavos. any branch, any where in the phil.

    try nyo mag apply then padala nyo un card sa province. mag deposit kau ng 20k and guess what. wiwithdrawhn ng kamag anak nyo and 10 pesos lang or 12 pesos (for other bank atms) lang expense nyo.

    db? :))

    • mr nice guy

      tama.. halatang wlang mga account ung mga iba dto kung makapag react eh?…

      ang alam ko ung 350 annual fee is for VISA charges pra sa debit power nya. like credit card men.

    • Laurie

      Ok na po yung 10peso charge ng UnionBank compared sa ibang banko. I used BDO just 3 days ago, binawasan nila ng 200pesos yung Paypal withdrawal ko.

      Ok na ako sa 10pesos charge, withdraw ko nalang agad lahat one time… di ko lang alam how much ba ang maximum na pwede iwithdraw sa ATM?

  15. Sad news for netizens who heavily rely on EON. I think there are a lot of banks out there that can confirm their cards on PayPal but withdrawing their PayPal funds to their debit cards is a different story. I’m wondering kung sino ang direct competitor ng UnionBank ngayon in terms of EON.

  16. dati pa mahal withdrawal sa eon, dati 2 free withdrawals lang per month. tinanggal na talaga nila yun. anyway this is kinda negligible since unti lang din atm branch nila and you will probably withdraw from other banks as well

  17. … Ganun din, eh sa ibang atm naman ko nakakapagwithdraw kasi konti lang naman atms nila… Magrerenew pa rin ko diyan kasi yung eon pwede parin magamit sa ibang bansa, unlike the other debit cards

  18. Any one know if that 10p charge will apply at the grocery store register?

  19. May annual fee na nga na, may extra charge pa ang Paypal transfers tapos ngayon pati withdrawals may charge na din… Greedy naman masyado Unionbank… My card is expiring this year, hindi na ako magre-renew kung ganyan… Is BPI already linked to PayPal?

  20. RCBC myWallet is, maybe, the best debit card that you can use to verify Paypal as of now. In fact, I’m scheduled to get mine tomorrow lol :)

    just saw this post above :)

  21. fionski

    I used to link my BDO account with my Paypal. Everytime I withdraw money from Paypal and send it to my BDO account, I get charged P250. With Union Bank, no charge per transaction. I think P10 is not bad compared to P250.

    • What type of BDO account did you use in linking to your PayPal Account?

      I have a BDO Debit Card (kabayan). I tried to link it to my paypal but i can’t. why is it?

      the BDO personel told me that they are not tied up with paypal.

      So i’m asking how did you link you BDO Account to your paypal?

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