Watch Dogs promo: You’d wish this happens in real life

What if you could control the things in your surroundings with just an app? What if, just by a press of a button, you can turn on lights, change traffic lights, and unlock any sports car that you see on the street? This is what these people did to promote Ubisoft’s hotly-anticipated video game Watch Dogs.

watch dogs

The team sets up a smartphone repair shop complete with cameras to document the whole thing. The idea is to wait for people to get their faulty handsets repaired. The repair guy then takes a look at it, fixes it, and gives it back to the owner but with a special extra – an app that can control the surroundings!

The repair guy demonstrates the capabilities of this new app which impresses and at the same time confuses the owners. All is fun until what they’re doing causes chaos in the city. You just have to watch the video to appreciate it so hit Play below.

Although the whole thing is scripted (yes, even the “surprised victims” are in on it too), they clearly showed what to expect once the video game hits store shelves on May 27, 2014. This Amazing Street Hack video got us nerdy gamers all excited and wished an app like this existed in real life. Don’t you?

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  1. Not that hard to do, a few sensors, actuators, relays, all of which have to be connected of course to some Bluetooth-, WiFi-, or 3G-connected microcontroller. Although doing it with any device not yours will take some hacking

    • cranium

      Unfortunately, I dont see u doing this in real life eventhough its “Not that hard to do”… Good news sir as u can keep dreaming your hacking fantasy. :)

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