Free Embassy Tickets & Amazon Schwag

Two freebies for your consumption.

First is from Wites of Arti.Kulet: 2 free tickets to the upcoming I-On Day2Nite Party at the Embassy this August 31, 2006.

How to win the tickets? Just answer 3 simple questions on their blog. See questions here.

Then, Pete also sent me a link to his Schwag Giveaway.

To win the cool Amazon collection, just Digg (registration required) his Schwag page and you’re in for the raffle by August 31.

There are only about 10 people who Dugg the page so you have a good chance of winning the items. Shipping is free! ;)

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  1. wites
    Twitter: wites

    salamat sa plug pre. ;)

  2. wites
    Twitter: wites

    talk about bad timing. the site was down for a couple of days because my domain expired. *sigh* anyway, everything is ok now. :)


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