“Hello Garci” RingTones up for grabs.

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Ay nakow! (7:41 mins., mp3 format, 7.2MB) (by Lito)

One M (5:30 mins., mp3 format, 5.2MB) (by Lito Pangan)

Complete Dance Remix Sountrack (4:28 mins., mp3 format, 1.0MB) (by the_jedi)

Lord of the Cheaters Sountrack (55 secs., mp3 format, 217KB) (by the_jedi)

Count GMA Sountrack (29 secs., mp3 format, 118KB) (by the_jedi)

Check this out, MyMix (19 secs, MP3 format, 76KB) (19 secs, WAV format, 151KB)

Super Mario (32 secs, MP3 format, 128KB) (32 secs, WAV format, 254KB)

Follow the Leader (19 secs, MP3 format, 77KB) (19 secs, WAV format, 153KB)

PacMan (45 secs, MP3 format, 93KB) (45 secs, WAV format, 356KB)

Gloria! (23 secs, MP3 format, 94KB) (23 secs, WAV format, 187KB)

Hello Garci, Otso-Otso (18 secs, MP3 format, 37KB) (18 secs, WAV format, 148KB)

Hello Garci, Kababayan (16 secs, MP3 format, 33KB) (16 secs, WAV format, 129KB)

Hello Garci, Buking (17 secs, MP3 format, 34KB) (17 secs, WAV format, 136KB)

Hello Garci, Ahihi (31 secs, MP3 format, 62KB) (31 secs, WAV format, 248KB)

Ring tones above are from beybe-babe.com.

Hello Garci, What You Waitin’ (47 secs, AMR format, 96KB)
Hello Garci, What You Waitin’ (47 secs, MP3 format, 77KB)
Hello Garci, What You Waitin’ (47 secs, WAV format, 77KB)

Hello Garci, KnottyBwoy Remix (30 secs, 47KB, AMR format)
Hello Garci, KnottyBwoy Remix (30 secs, 59KB, MP3 format)
Hello Garci, KnottyBwoy Remix (30 secs, 235KB, WAV format)

Server Mirror 1:
“Hello Garci” ringtone, AMR format (29KB)
“Hello Garci” ringtone, MP3 format (360KB) (72,294 downloads)
“Hello Garci” ringtone, WAV format (197KB) (46,941 downloads)

Server Mirror 2:
“Hello Garci” ringtone, MP3 format (360KB) (23,654 downloads)
“Hello Garci” ringtone, WAV format (197KB) (15,496 downloads)

Server Mirror 3:
“Hello Garci” ringtone, MP3 format (360KB) (26,413 downloads)
“Hello Garci” ringtone, WAV format (197KB) (23,359 downloads)

Total Downloads : 208,157

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    you should listen to the garbled part before the “yung dagdag”.
    if you use defensor’s style of reducing the speed of playback. you
    will hear pgma’s line na translated as ‘garbled’ by pcij:

    it starts with a call from pgma where from the tone of her voice
    she is kind of worried that the opposition is trying to get namfrel
    copies of the municipal COCs

    GARCI: ay ok naman ang namfrel sa atin, they are sympathetic to us
    GARCI: oho
    GMA: pero yun nga yung dagdag yung dagdag

    she is worried baka kasi makita ng opposition na hindi nagtatally yung
    mga namfrel copies with the other COMELEC copies
    sa nakikita ko, hindi lang padding ng votes ang pinaguusapan dito
    GMA knows about the hocus-pocus performed sa dagdagbawas
    and she has to make sure na makakalusot yon

    Sa report ni Ms Yvone dito


    nag tutugma yung sinasabi ni gma sa report ni Ms. Yvonne na hindi
    nag ta-tally na namfrel : http://www.pcij.org/blog/?p=137

    “A copy of the COC that Namfrel obtained of the voting in Poona Bayabao
    (it gets the fourth copy) shows President Arroyo and Legarda leading
    their opponents 4,700 to zero. But the ERs that the poll monitor was
    furnished (Namfrel gets the sixth copy) reveal a big discrepancy: Neither
    Poe nor De Castro obtained zero votes. In two tables prepared later by
    the Namfrel chapter summarizing the ERs in 13 precincts in Poona Bayabao,
    Poe got 767 and Arroyo 964, while Legarda obtained 1,252 and De Castro, 350.”

  2. (%) talaga ba nandaya si gloria

  3. paki send naman ng hello garci sa cell ko,09156626790

  4. Hi… saan ba pwede magdownload ng mga pinoy ringtones na parang Mahal version?

  5. so what i don’t care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wala meng pak’s tumbling knlang Grci…………….

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