Help Pyro meet Batista

This is one of those instances that one’s blog can make a big difference.


I think because I was crying all the time for the past few days, my husband thought to start an e-mail movement to get in touch with whoever CAN make Pyro’s wish happen: to be visited, or to meet Batista.

Personally, I don’t really think Pyro would mind if it was Undertaker or John Cena who he meets (and actually, he might be too tongue-tied or scared if he does meet one of his wrestler idols) so long as he meets one of them. It’s a cute wish really, made by a 3-year old… and it’s not like he spends all his waking moments asking for his wish to be granted (because right now, all he does is eat boiled eggs and rest).

It’s a long shot. So far, we’ve gotten e-mails telling us that they have forwarded the e-mail to someone who CAN help (sports writer for Inquirer, and someone who works for GMA’s Wish Ko Lang).

Ask and you shall receive… :) And we really hope Py will be rewarded somehow by something… to inspire him to fight some more.

Pyro is fighting the big C.

Maybe thru blogs and word or mouth, we could make this kid’s wish come true. Anybody out there reading this?

{source: Now what, Ca t?}

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  1. thank you yugz for the support. I hope other bloggers may help us dissiminate the plight of pyro in the blogosphere.

  2. thank you for all the support you guys are giving to my family…

    thank you talaga…


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