Pinoy Top Blogs explained.

Due to the number of inquiries and emails I get about the Pinoy Top Blogs project, I did a quick break from regular work and setup an adhoc page for it here.

I hope that I may have answered the more urgent and hanging questions to all those who have joined the PTB system.

Why still in beta?
As of today (just 5 days old), the project is still in beta. Beta in the sense that I am still considering a lot of factors for this to really push thru publicly:

  • Acceptability. Do I have enough credibility (to bloggers) to put up and maintain such system?
  • Scalability. Will the server I am hosting this system be able to handle all the page requests (Apache connections) and mySQL queries. Tracking 5 very popular blogs could even stress a server more than hosting 200 regular blogs.
  • Standards. I am still working reconsidering on the standards or metrics to use in ranking. So far, the one in place seems fine. I coudl tweak and do a hybrid rating later on, if possible.
  • The system that I use now is also in beta.
  • Time constraints. I’m already lagged on several personal and commissioned projects.

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  1. i do appreciate your great project master. *gratitudes, you should get.

  2. It seems to work fine. I have no complaints. And who should? It’s a free service and a good one at that, for chrissake.

  3. Credibility? you got loads of it dude ;)

  4. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I hope all goes well with this project. ;)


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