Thousand Bears for Bicol Project (TBB)

Please help by spreading the word or donating stuffed toys or bears for this cause: Thousand Bears for Bicol Project

Today we received our 300th bear :) I will post photos in my blog this evening and send you all an update. For now, I wish to thank everyone who has so far contributed to the campaign — A grade 5 boy from Ateneo de Manila whose mommy showed him the blog entry and so he was moved to donate 20 toy puppies (puppies are good too!) ; 20 bears from a friend of mine from HSBC Hongkong; another 20 bears from a dear friend who has always been supportive of our causes; another 20 from my good friend Andrea’s kids.

Andrea has also been able to hook us up with Operation Compassion in Legazpi, together, we will help oversee the distribution of the bears on a date very close to Christmas (either December 22 or 23). Our prayer now is to hold a little salo-salo for the kids (almost a thousand of them) perhaps in one of the evacuation centers.

All day yesterday, I was worried about how I would get all the bears (and other furry friends) to Bicol and today the Lord answered my prayers. Through the help of our home church, Greenhills Christian Fellowship under the auspices of our churchmate Brother Mike Asperin, we will be transporting all 1000 bears for free to Legazpi on a PAF plane! God is truly wonderful and provides ALL the time.

Filipino associations in Manitoba, Canada and Sacramento, California are also getting together to send over some bears. I am amazed at the power of His hand when it moves the hearts of people everywhere. Please continue to keep those bears coming as we are still quite far from our target of 1000. Kindly forward this email to those whom you think would be interested to help us out.

What do we need?

Teddy Bears – new or in good condition
or friendly looking and cuddly stuffed toys that can be hugged by the children

We are also accepting art materials – notebooks, pens, pencils and crayons that we can pack and give to the children. In addition to play therapy, art therapy is also a proven effective tool in helping heal the children.

Where can you drop off the materials?

Quezon City — 41 Milkyway Drive, Blue Ridge, Quezon City contact – 918-906-8852

Makati — The Room Upstairs, 2nd floor, LRI Building, Nicanor Garcia (formerly Reposo), Makati City tel no. 899-9318

Alabang – Room 306, Medical Arts Building, Asian Hospital (clinic of Dr. Noemi Guloy)

Can we have the bears picked-up?

Some companies and schools are doing “bear drives” so yes, we can pick up a minimum of 30 bears from your school or office.

A Thousand Bears for Bicol (TBB) is an exercise in watching the way God’s hand works and seeing how wonderful and awesome He is in His kindness and faithfulness towards all of us. God cares for all the little children and is especially loving of widows and orphans. I know that through you, He cares for His children in Bicol. I pray that you allow yourself to be His vessel of love and kindness.
Thank you once again for spreading the word and God bless you all this holiday season.

Blessings and teddybear hugs,
Cathy Babao

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  1. Aw…ain’t that sweet. Teddy bears for Bicol. It would really be great if those bears would come with relief packages so as to deliver a one-two punch. Make a child in Bicol happy with the bear and give them something to live off on while they recover from this disaster.

  2. Hi Abe, thank you for this entry. I really appreciate it. I know the teddy bears may not seem like a big deal for some people but they help in their own way. We all have our petrsonal ministries. The important thing, I believe, is that we are doing something, even if it may seem insignificant, to alleviate another person’s pain.

  3. ron french

    hi cathy. I think this is a great idea. and would like updated information and more about this project. I just came back from the Philippines and would like to help out when i come back in spring of 2008. I am in western canada. When i went there i gave bears to my sisters in law, and was surprised and happy that they slept with them every night. :D My wife lives in the bikol/ lupi area. I am very interested in helping out with this project if still needed. you can write to me at the email addy provided. thx Ron

  4. great! thanks very much for sharing!


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