Intel launches Core i7 Processors

In a media launch this afternoon, Intel claims to deliver the fastest desktop processor on the planet ever with the introduction of the Core i7 CPU.

The Intel Core i7 processors are the newest line to go out of the fab under the Nehalem family (45nm process). All 3 new processors are quad cores with the re-introduction of hyperthreading (HT) to effectively deliver 8 cores.

core i7

Of course, better speeds always come at a price:

Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz – $284 (~ Php14,200)
Intel Core i7 940 2.93GHz – $562 (~ Php28,100)
Intel Core i7 965 3.2GHz Extreme Edition – $999 (~ Php49,950)

On top of that, the system will only support DDR3 1066MHz which is still a bit expensive today compared to the standard DDR2. With the Extreme Edition (Core i7 965), Intel has also removed the overspeed protection so hard core users and gamers can easily overclock their rig.

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  1. Andre Marcelo-Tanner

    mmmm juicy, might wait for prices to come down
    note to everything, this means ram, motherboard, processor all have to be changed so if you’re thinking about getting a new system, wait a bit for the prices to go down then get one of these.

  2. I’d still rather go for AMD counterparts. Intel still has the nerve to charge so much because AMD hasn’t gained enough ground yet, hopefully Deneb and Shanghai will change this, even just a little…

    And even more hopefully, AMD’s Bulldozer core will be able to at least level the field.

  3. I do wish they’d come out sooner.. I’m planning to get a core 2 duo rig XD

    Digg front page -> Phenom II XDD

  4. andre, sama mo na rin yung PCI-E 2 graphics card tutal papalitan rin naman halos lahat eh. :P

    ayos ang core i7 lalo na for blogging. hehehe. :P

  5. does this mean this is not yet the end of moore’s law? i might get these once they’re mass produced, it will help with the cost.

    yuga, when do you think that the speed of the processor would be irrelevant in desktops?

  6. How can processing speed be irrelevant?

    The question is: will processing speed beat imagination?

  7. processor speed will be irrelevant when the slowest part of using the computer is the user.

  8. @issai, for the past couple of year the GHz rating of most CPU has not gone up significantly. The last time I saw a 3.4GHz CPU was with the Intel Pentium D 965. Intel and AMD are playing the multi-core game. But for tasks which require brute force — say for example computing Pi — those will still be done better by the faster clocked CPUs.

  9. I agree with Andre. Don’t be too eager to buy this stuff hold on tight for a couple of months.

    saving for the “Intel Core i7 940 2.93GHz”. If i were rich i would go for “Intel Core i7 965 3.2GHz Extreme Edition ” too bad i ain’t

  10. jansilbastian

    does the prize mentioned above goes only with the peocessor itsel? or the whole pc?

  11. costly processor prices and yet only basic applications are being used. i think that processing speed is for power users who can afford it. but for budget minded users they’ll stick with the cheaper ones.. hehehe

  12. ultimatex9

    i think i7 965 better to buy and i can use over 15 years before to buy a new, but of course is too expensive for now and i will wait when the price is down.


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