Level Up! introduces Assault Fire FPS game

Level Up!, the country’s leading online game publisher, has introduced this afternoon its latest FPS offering, Assault Fire.

assault fire

Assault Fire is a first-person shooter (FPS) game by Chinese developer Tencent Games. In the game, players will be immersed in a 3D environment where they can wage war with other players as a soldier for either the government-sanctioned Global Security Defense Unit or GSDU, or the renegade group Resistance. Players can then customize and build their characters and play in different game modes like PVP, X-PVP where you can play as either a Mech or a Mutant, and PVE (Player vs Environment) where you have to defend and survive against a horde of cyborg zombies.

Assault Fire Closed Beta Testing phase starts tomorrow, April 25, 2013, and will kickoff with a number of in-game events so players can get a taste of what the game can offer. Another great news is that there will be no character wipe once Assault Fire transitions to Open Beta in May.

For more information you can visit Assault Fire’s website at www.assaultfire.ph.

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  1. Charliemanok

    rakrakan na! haha

  2. crossfire = old
    assault fire = new

    nakakasawa na kasi crossfire eh..

  3. ^fps games are all the same iba lang ang aesthetics.

  4. Brother

    Sana gumawa sila games for ios and android ….

  5. nonski

    Any developer who could develop a game here in the Philippines? Free-to-play MMOFPS is a big market here in our country. And here are my suggestions for this game.

    Game server location: Philippines

    Game availability: Free-to-Play Worldwide

    Game title to choose: ULTIMATE WAR / Elite Guns / Soldiers Online / Force Elites

    Warring group: East vs West ( I will not suggest any country to avoid instagation presumtion)

    Character: West soldier looks like a US Marine with jungle camou uniform with jungle camou kevlar helmet.East soldier looks like a Russian Spetnaz with similar camou uniform with kevlar helmet to Spetnaz character in Soldier Front 2 There maybe special characters but the uniform must be the same to the normal character.Team uniform camou must be the same and enemy uniform camou must be the same to provide clear distinction between teammates and enemy soldier..There should be faces to choose in creating a character. Characters faces can be compared to the characters faces of Soldier Front 2

    Graphics: Graphics comparable to that of Soldier Front 2

    Game modes: All battle, Jet battle, choopers battle, infantry battle, destruction mode,death match, infection mode, survival mode, mutation mode, , capture mode.

    Maximum Players: 32 maximum players for All Battle battle, Infantry battle and capture mode. the rest modes are 16 allowable maximum players

    Gunfire sounds: gunfire sounds can be compared to that of Crossfire Philippines with each gun must have each gunfire sound distinction.

    Gun appearance: gun appearance can be compared to that of Soldier Front 2.

    Maps: Large maps ( for jet battle, choppers battle, all battle mode and capture mode). Medium maps for infantry battle ( for tanks, jeeps and troops ). Small maps ( It should be surrounded by walls for destruction mode, death match, infection modes, survival and mutation modes )

    Jets: ( For west ) F22 Raptor, YF23 Blackwidow, F35, Eurofighter Typhoon, Dassault Rafale, F18 Hornet, F16 Falcon, F15 Eagle. ( For East ) T50 PAKFA, SU47, J20, SU37, SU35, JAS GRIFFEN, MiG29, SU27, Each jets should be locked to rank. Aircraft should respawn on the ground and players should enter the aircraft before flying to show realistic simulation.

    Chopers: I will leave this space for you to choose what type of attack helicopters for each side.o

    Tanks: ( For west ) M1A1 Abram Tank, ( For east ) T90 Battle Tank ( Please add )

    Light Armored Vehicle ( LAV ) I will leave this space for you to choose.

    Jeeps: I will leave this space for you to choose

    Rifles: M4A1, M16 A2, AR-15, AK-47, AK-103, SIG551, XM8, FN SCAR, ACR Masada, FN-2000. FN-FAL, BlackwaterM4, TAR21, BOLT417, GALIL ARM AQ, M14 EBR, FARA, EMI GALI, G36, KTR-08, SteyrAug A3, LR300 ML, AN- 94, QBZ-95, LS 90
    ( Please add other nice rifle did not mentioned here )

    Snipe weapons: Barret, AWM, DSR-1, CT-M200, TPG, TRG-21, R93, Dragunov ( Please add )

    SMGs: PP19 Bizon, M12S, MP7-PDW, SR2M Veresk, MP5, P90, Sterling( Please add )

    Please add other types of weapons such as grenade rifles, RPG’s, Anti aircraft

    Please add weapon and gear customization.

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