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July 05, 2007

XBox 360 recall?

XBox 360While shopping for a gaming console last week-end, I asked around the mall how much the big 3 were selling for. The Sony PS3 is now at Php32,000+; the Nintendo Wii at Php16,000+ and the Microsoft XBox 360 at Php19,000+. The bundle comes with controls and several games. These prices are way cheaper than what they used to be early this year.

What I specifically noticed was the absence of XBox 360 consoles in several shops and when I asked one of the sales ladies, she explained that the XBox 360 were pulled out by Microsoft because of defective motherboards. Apparently, she says a lot of customers return their units because of such defects. That’s weird because several friends I know who has the console have had them for months without much problem.

I searched online for any cases related to this but the only ones I’ve stumbled into are the old issues. There aren’t any in recent months. The wikipedia entry for XBox 360 does not mention anything.

Is it possible these units are the really old ones? Anybody else who has an XBox 360 knows about this? I haven’t asked the shops in GreenHills though if they have the same issues.

33 Responses to “XBox 360 recall?”

  1. JR says:

    dudes, i have an xbox 360. its all fucked up now coz of the ‘three red lights’ problem. yun 3-year warranty, covered namn yun Philippines di ba? how can i send my xbox back to MS? someone pls help. :c

  2. Gypsy says:

    I bought a 360 in February. We started having problems with it locking up mid-game in May, bought a cooler fan in July thinking that’d help…it did for a few days. So we just resorted to watching DVDs on it…now, here it is mid-August and it will no longer even boot up. X( I am not pleased!

  3. Poppy says:

    Does someone know when Ninja Blade for Xbox360 will be released?

  4. Brandon says:

    Thanks for sharing. That was EXACTLY what I had in mind.

  5. edmond says:

    my xbox360 last friday suffered the dreaded RROD.. d ko alm ggwn sigh.. pinas is not supported by the online repair by microsoft.

  6. Free Gadget says:

    Nice blog adding this to my twitter now

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