No more Twitter for Websites on IE6/7 starting May 13

Oh how time flies. It seems like yesterday when the team behind Twitter was using Internet Explorer 6 to code the Tweet button that we know today, but now the Frisco-based company is putting an end to its support on to the seasoned browser and its successor, IE7, on May 13.


The reason behind this is actually not rocket-science. As Ben Ward put it, “Old technologies fade into obsolescence.” As usage of the old version of IE decreased over time, it’s only logical for devs to exert their efforts in refining their craft on browsers that people actually use and which them to “write simpler, faster, smaller code.”

On the said date, Internet Explorer 6/7 users can expect these things to happen when they launch TFW:

• The Tweet button, Follow button, embedded Tweets and timelines will cease to be initialized in IE6. The script will detect the unsupported browser and silently exit. The content from the embed codes will remain in place.
• Factory functions for the creation of widgets will be defined, but will return false to any callback provided in IE6.
• Web Intents Events, the framework allowing developers to respond to user interactions with the widgets, will no longer be supported in IE6 and IE7. Both of these browsers required heavy shims to pass messages. We’re going to remove that to make the library smaller and the events implementation more reliable.


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