Asus ET2300 AIO overview

Along with the Vivo Tab TF810C, ASUS Philippines also let us borrow their touchscreen All-in-One desktop PC dubbed as ET2300. Check out our first impression after the break.

Some may consider desktop computers as a thing of a past, but there are those who still prefer to have a decent system in their house to do the things that their mobile computers can’t.

asus et2300

Being an All-in-One PC, on-lookers are likely to mistake the Asus ET2300 for a fancy 23-inch desktop monitor with a very wide base from a distance. As a matter of fact, there isn’t any definitive indication (other than the stickers at the base which specifies the processor used) that the machine is indeed a PC even when they inched closer to the unit.

Looking at the AIO from a short distance, you’ll immediately notice that the top portion of the base is reminiscent of the Zenbook’s circular brushed finish which gives a hint of class and sophistication to the otherwise brute machine. A closer inspection at the aluminum portion of the base will reveal slot-load DVD combo drive on the right with a small eject button to its left.

The base is slightly tapered and terminates to a matte black plastic that plays host to the PC’s ports and other components such as the speakers which is inconspicuously mounted at the front.

asus et2300 philippines

Two pairs of USB 3.0 ports can be found on either side of the machine. The pair on the right is accompanied by a USB 2.0/m-SATA port, a 3-in-1 SD card slot and a hole for the Kensington lock. The ones on the left, on the other hand have a pair of audio ports sitting beside it. There are a couple of full-sized HDMI ports which sits nicely at the back of the base along with Ethernet, Sub-woofer and DC ports. The whole left portion at the back is occupied by grills which serve as the machine’s vents.

Attached to the base is the ET2300’s is solid piece of metal and plastic contraption that supports the display panel. The way it was fashioned, to us, erases any doubts that it can handle a beating. And it should, since one of the many note-worthy features of this machine is its display’s ability to be tilted horizontally up to 180-degrees.

et2300 aio philippines

The other end of the neck is connected to the back of the display panel which is a plain matte black surface with an engraved “ASUS” logo at the top middle portion. It follows the same two-tone black and aluminum design pattern of the base as well as its slightly tapered build. Buttons are situated on each side of the display panel; Menu and Modes on the left and Power button on the right. Surrounding the 23-inch IPS screen is a glossy bezel with an HD camera at the top and ASUS logo at the bottom.

ASUS ET2300 All-in-One PC specs:

23” IPS Full-HD 10-point touchscreen display
Intel® Core™ i5-3330 Quad-Core Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.20 GHz)
4GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM (2x 2GB)
Up to 8GB RAM (2x 4GB, optional)
Intel HD Graphics 2500
NVidia GeForce GT 630M, 1GB/2GB VRAM (Optional)
1TB HDD, 7200rpm
Slot-load DVD Combo drive
10/100/1000Mbps Base-T
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
4x 1.5W Internal Spatial speakers
1x 3W Internal Woofer
4x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0/m-SATA port
2x Thunderbolt ports (Optional, host only)
2x full-sized HDMI out
3-in-1 SD card slot
1x 3.5mm Line out, 1x 3.5mm line in
1x 2.5mm Subwoofer out
Windows 8
Dimension: 572 x 265 x 448 mm
Weight: 11.6kg
Accessories included:
• 5W External Subwoofer
• Full-sized wireless keyboard w/ 2 AA batteries
• Wireless Mouse w/ 2 AA batteries
Price: Php59,995 (without the optional components)


The ASUS ET2300 may not be the sexiest All-in-One desktop computer in the bunch, but there are still a lot of things to be desired about its design and construction. For one, its thick and hefty base gives users an assurance of durability and provides great anchorage to the 23-inch display, especially when it’s being tilted. The downside about it, however, is that it can’t be easily transferred from one place to the other and would require a good amount of force should you wish to do so.

We also admire the unobtrusive placement of the ports on the sides and how ASUS was able to incorporate some of the design cues of Zenbook to this PC which makes it all the more appealing to the eye and a worthy centerpiece to your home or office desk.

asus et2300 aio philippines

For what it’s worth, we think that the ASUS ET2300 has all the bells and whistles that one would need from a desktop PC; a plethora of ports, snappy processor w/ decent GPU, an above average sound output and a crisp full-HD display with touchscreen feature that goes perfectly with Windows 8. And although Php59,995 seems a pretty reasonable price for this machine, it’ll be interesting to see how will this system stack up against the 21.5-inch iMac 2013 which only costs four grand more.

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