AMD outs Opteron 3300 and 4300 series procs

AMD has recently unveiled the Opteron 4300 and 3300 series processors looking to give budget-conscious business owners affordable server processors for cheap.


The Opteron 3300 and 4300 fills the entry-level and midrange spot (respectively) next to the Opteron 6300 which AMD launched earlier in November. The Opteron 4300 series consists of 6 processors while the Opteron 3300 currently has 3. Below is quick look at each new processor’s basic specs.


These Piledriver-based Opteron 4300 server processors are said to provide up to 24% better performance per watt and are 15% more power efficient compared to previous AMD Opteron processors based on SPEC’s benchmark results.

People who are looking to upgrade their current setup need not to worry socket compatibility because Opteron 4300 processors, just like its flagship counterpart, are compatible with previous generation processors.

As for the price, AMD’s new server processors range from USD174 (Opteron 3320) to USD501 (Opteron 4376 HE) which relatively cheap especially when compared to the Opteron 6300 series processors. For more information about the AMD Opteron 4300 and 3300, click on the source link below.


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