Building a Gaming PC: The Setup

After about a week of not being able to find my target processor, I though I’d pick a back-up just in case I couldn’t find one and settle for the next best thing that’s within my budget. Here’s where I thought about getting an AMD processor instead.

The main reason was I had to stick to my original budget of under Php20k and that means if I had to get a new Intel processor, I also have to shell out for a new motherboard as well.

Here are the candidates:
Intel Core i7-2600k + motherboard + 8GB RAM = Php22k – Php27k
Intel Core i5-2500k + motherboard + 8GB RAM = Php18k – Php23k
AMD Bulldozer FX-6100 + motherboard + 8GB RAM = Php13k – Php17k

The Intel Core i5 was right there on the borderline but the AMD Bulldozer gave me some spare to wiggle in a few more things I might need.

The local distributor of AMD and MSI also offered me a discounted price for the combo so I took it without hesitation.

The final price was way below budget so I thought I’d shop around for some more additional stuff. Bump up the memory from 8GB to 16GB and grab an SSD drive as primary storage for the OS. I should also get me a nice new gaming keyboard.

In the end, I actually overshot on the budget and spent more than I originally allocated for. The total cost for the CPU, motherboard, SSD and RAM was Php23k which isn’t that bad. I could have hit the Php20k mark had I found a cheaper but smaller SSD (the Php3k above the 20 was due to the 80GB SSD instead of a 32GB I originally wanted).

Here’s the final set up of the rig:

AMD FX-6100 3.3GHz 6-core
16GB Kingston DDR3 RAM
Gainward GeForce GTX 580 3GB GDDR5
Intel 320X SSD 80GB
1TB Western Digital HDD
Samsung DVD+RW
Thermaltake Contac 21
Cooler Master SilentPro 500watts
Cooler Master Storm Sniper

The CoolerMaster SilentPro PSU was given to me by the local distributor last year and I also realized I have a spare Cooler Master Storm Sniper case which I bought way back in August 2009 but never got to use.

I also have several HDDs which Western Digital gave me before but I have them stored in the Drobo FS as network storage. The Gainward GTX580 was given to me by the folks from Gainward Taiwan after I met and had lunch with them some time last year.

The total value of the entire assembled rig is over Php70,000 although I only spent under Php24k during the final stage of the assembly.

For the monitors, BenQ is supposed to send me two of their gaming monitors and while I am waiting for that, I’m using my old 32″ Samsung LCD TV as my monitor which is hooked up to the PC via HDMI.

In hindsight, I’m pretty much satisfied with the rig. It’s almost within my allotted budget and I was able to assemble it on my own (haven’t done this sort of stuff in over half a decade).

Next up — the Photos.

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  1. Great choice, sir Abe.

  2. Rockin' Rabbit

    You have the coolest gadgets Sir Abe ; u ; It’s so cool!!!

  3. Sir,

    Ganda ng set up. Lalo na ng card! Kaso baka kulangin ka sa psu. At least gawin mong 600-700 watts. Baka d kayanin ng psu mo ung cpu at graphics card mo.

  4. Allan Kenneth Wong

    wow!! thumbs up!

  5. I agree, 500watts medyo alanganin, CPU mo sir abe is consuming around 95-125watts. konti na lang natira dun sa 500..hahahaha..but anyway, nice choice talaga dun sa AMD part..wahahahaha..

  6. sir, wer ka nag order computer mo….? pwd mo ma email sa akin kung saan nga supplier ka naka order interesado po ako… tanx

  7. WrectumWrecker

    I’d like to order that too! But I hope it’s with the same price, wag yung 70k. Saan po pwede bumili ng ganyan?

  8. Reginald

    Hi Abe,

    That’s a very nice setup. May I know if it’s possible to know the local distributor where you bought the parts for your precious rig? I’m also planning to assemble my own gaming rig within 24k budget allocation.

    I would appreciate if you could send me an email. 😀

    Thanks and more power.

  9. madaming bug ang AMD kaya AMD sucks

  10. sir Abe,
    nice ch0ice…
    Ganda ng set.,

    at 0ni..,
    kaw lang ata ang sucks sa AMD…hehe

  11. jurrel

    Sir Yuga baka pwede magpaquote ng 25k budget gaming pc for computer shop at 30k budget for server type..

  12. FX6100 is actually a Tri Core on hyperthreading…
    with per performance per hz so…
    yeah, you should have gotten an I5 cause your FX is weaker than an I3.


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