Gigabyte launches new Windows 8 products

Another company yet again joins the Windows 8 push by introducing a variety of products to showcase their innovative ideas the same way that other manufacturers showcased theirs.

Gigabyte expands its lineup of products and notebooks by introducing a new Windows 8 slate, a convertible Ultrabook and two high-end gaming laptops.

Like most tablets, the S1082 features a 10.1” capacitive touch screen display with a resolution of 1366 x 768. The slate can support HDD storage up to 500 GB and is powered by an Intel Celeron dual-core processor. The S1082 features a lot of ports and accessories such as USB ports, a keyboard kit and the D1080 multimedia docking station even.


Gigabyte also introduces an 11.6” Convertible Ultrabook that runs Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro, the U2142. The Ultrabook features a convertible multi-touch screen that will allow it to convert into a tablet easily. The U2142 will also feature several ports and a dual storage system. The device is powered by a 3rd Generation Intel Core i3 processor without any dedicated graphics card as it leaves the heavy graphic rendering to its other brothers.

The U2442, in the form factor of an Ultrabook, takes the same processor that the U2412 uses and adds an NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M /GT640M graphics card that will surely be sufficient for most gamers out there. The Ultrabook also features a backlit keyboard and a dual air vent design to eliminate the heat caused by the notebook’s performance.

If the U2442’s power isn’t enough, Gigabyte also introduces the P2542G and the P2742G. Both notebooks feature a 3rd generation Intel Core i7 quad-core processor with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M graphics, a 1080p HD display, a range of various connectivity ports and a Blu-ray drive. The P2542G features a smaller 15.6” display while the P2742G features the bigger 17.3” display; the latter also supports storage up to 2 TB.

Gigabyte’s lineup seems to be very appealing especially to those that seek powerful machines with varying specialties. Think about it now; maybe you’ve found already what it is that you are craving for this Yuletide Season.

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