An early look at ASUS’ 2013 MoBo lineup

Last month, we were sent to Singapore to have a sneak-peek at ASUS’ upcoming motherboards portfolio for this year. These new Z87 MoBos will be released in the Taiwanese firm’s mainstream lineup and its three major product lines; TUF (The Ultimate Force), RoG (Republic of Gamers) and WS (Work Station).

So let’s start off with the TUF lineup which comprises of two boards namely the Sabertooth Z87 and Gryphon Z87. These bad boys sport a revamped Thermal Armor that effectively dissipates heat away from the internal components through fans and convection vents.

z87 sabertooth

Along with the Thermal Armor, these boards are also equipped with TUF Fortifier and Dust Defenders for added cooling, durability and protection from dust buildups. Speaking of durability, some of the internal components of the TUF motherboards are outfitted with Japan-made Black Metallic Caps that offers +20% tolerance to high and low temperature.

Next up is the Maximus VI Series lineup which composed of three motherboards; Gene, Hero and Extreme. Designed with gamers in mind, the Maximus Series MoBos have all the bells and whistles that a gamer need including a nifty add-on called Sonic Radar which shows the location of an enemy on first-person-shooting game based on sounds (footstep, gun fire, etc.).

rog hero

Of the three, the Maximus VI Hero is the latest addition to the family and is aimed at gaming enthusiasts that are looking for a MoBo that offers a perfect balance between price and performance. In addition to this, Hero sports a Micro-ATX form factor, three PCI-e 3.0 x16 slots and a triplet of PCI-e x1 slots.

And finally we have the Z87 Work Station and Mainstream motherboards. The latter consists of 5 boards, two in the entry-level segment (A & C), another pair in the mid-range (Plus and Pro) and the Deluxe fills the high-end spot.

z87 deluxe

These motherboards offer a 4-way optimization technology that automatically adjusts the settings to suit the user’s current need. With this, the system takes full advantage of its hardware components when its needed and shuts it down when not. Below is the graph to illustrate the different settings in the 4-way optimization.


ASUS’ mainstream offerings are also equipped with Wi-Fi GO!, and a New UEFI BIOS. MoBos in the higher tier also sports some overclocking features for additional performance boost. Now here’s a quick look at some of the basic features of these Asus Mainstream MoBos:


There are other features of these newly announced motherboards that are not included in this post due to the non-disclosure agreement between the author and Intel. But once we have a go signal, we’ll include those features in a separate post.

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