Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse hands-on

Logitech has sent us this gaming mouse a few weeks ago and used it everyday for normal computing and gaming needs. As a person who’s more accustomed to using an ordinary mouse, I was impressed by what the G600 brought to the table. Check out hands on of the G600 MMO gaming mouse after the break.


Most gaming mice sport bold colors and high-tech look to complement a gaming lifestyle. The G600, however, went for a different approach and carries a low-key profile with its black plastic matte finish and black rubber keys. It looks stealthy but obviously very functional.


A regular mouse would offer two buttons, one for left-clicking and one for right-clicking. The G600 offers a third “click”, or G-Shift, placed under your ring finger. Between the left and right clicks is the scroll key with three-way buttons built in it. Behind the scroll key are two G-Keys while on the left side where your thumb rests are additional twelve illuminated G-Keys made of rubber. No buttons are located on the right side but your little finger gets treated to a rubber padding for added grip.


Basically, you get twenty keys in your arsenal. By now you might be wondering what the G-Shift is about. The G-Shift is actually a shift function to double the function of the G-Keys. So in total you get thirty four keys on the G600.

As for customizing or programming these keys, you will need to download Logitech’s gaming software to gain access to the G600’s controls. From there you can assign commands, adjust sensitivity, save three unique profiles, or change the color illumination of the thumb G-Keys. Everything is straight-forward and instructions are relatively easy to follow.

Logitech Gaming Software_controls

As for hands-on performance, the G600 is a bit hefty so moving it around requires a little effort. But since it has a DPI sensitivity ranging from 200 to 8,200, I can simply adjust it to make my cursor move across the screen with little movement. The thumb buttons are really handy but sometimes causes accidental clicks when I push the mouse to the right. It is comfortable but if you’re used to lightweight mice, the G600’s heft can be annoying at times. Other than that everything works as expected of a gaming mouse.

Logitech Gaming Software_dpi

The Logitech G600 MMO gaming mouse is all about controls. With a total of twenty physical buttons that can offer the functions of thirty four keys, the G600 is a command center which focuses on controls first followed by comfort and ease-of-use. To conclude, if you’re a gamer who needs tons of buttons, the G600 certainly won’t disappoint.

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