Logitech T400 Zone Touch Mouse first impressions

Made for Windows RT & Windows 8, the Logitech T400 Zone Touch Mouse comes with a more practical entrance. The bluetooth mouse basically has everything your regular mouse has, except the traditional scroll wheel. Read on to see our first impressions.

logitech t400

The Logitech T400 won’t stand out in design, but it isn’t ugly by all means. On the matte textured top, you’ll find the Logitech branding and the hidden left and right clicks divided by a touch operated scroll wheel. The mouse is surrounded by rubber material which adds a more ergonomic feel to the device.

logitech t400

Unlike the T620, this one can’t do any touch gestures. Basically, the “Zone Touch” is a touch operated scroll wheel and nothing else. It adds to the sleekness of the device however, and while it doesn’t work like the traditional scroll wheel, it still gets the job done.

Under the peripheral, you’ll find the battery door, the sensor and the power switch. Operated by two AA batteries, Logitech claims that it can work for 18-months – in which we can’t prove as of the moment. Similar to other Logitech peripherals, this one hosts the same port for the USB dongle under the battery cover.


All-in-all, the T400 gets the job done, with gimmicks or without. It’s sleek and it’s responsive. For $50, you can’t go wrong with its looks and performance, not to mention the way it feels in the hand. The only question that remains is if you want to go the touch way, or go the traditional scroll wheel way.

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