Logitech T620 Touch Mouse first impressions

Windows 8 was made for touch, some might say, and the Logitech T620 is made for Windows 8. Today, we have a hands-on of the Bluetooth mouse for you, so read on.

logitech t620

At first glance, the T620 looks nothing like your regular PC mouse. There is no distinct buttons for left and right clicks, and the top looks like a glossy piece of marble with the Logitech branding. Below is the power toggle, the sensor and the home of the batteries.

logitech t620

Pop the battery door open, and you’ll find that everything is powered by a pair of AA batteries, which the manufacturer claims would take a year and half before it needs replacement.The T620 can also run on a single battery, which may come in handy in dire situations.

There’s also a tiny hole where you can put the USB dongle for safe keeping. It’s situated at the right side of the battery compartment.

under t620

Putting it into practice, the peripheral feels quite like your average mouse, only thinner. Responsiveness is good as well, however first time users may struggle in the early going as accidental clicks with this mouse are inevitable. After some time though, and a bit of practice, we think that users should be able to adjust to the T620’s quirks.

Being a Windows 8-optimized peripheral. Logitech

The touch mouse wouldn’t be itself it didn’t feature anything for Windows 8. By double tapping the surface of the mouse, you can gain access to the start screen and you can also scroll through webpages and the like through similar gestures you can do with your trackpad. It sounds good on paper, but then again, not really in practice because of the accidental clicking.


The Logitech T620 Touch Mouse has a great idea behind it. In fact, we would totally recommend it for Windows 8 devices, except for one small thing; accidental clicking happens very often. If it weren’t for this small flaw, everything else would have gone well. It looks stylish, it feels ergonomic and it’s quite functional with the gestures it can do. The Logitech T620 is priced at $70.

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