Rapoo 3920p 5G mouse review

When we attended the local launch of Rapoo, we were given a 3920p Wireless Mouse as a token of appreciation. So we thought of taking it for a spin and find out if has what it takes to go up against other wireless mice from more established brands.

In case you missed it, here’sa brief introduction of Rapoo and their product offerings.

Design and Construction

The 3920p is one of the smaller wireless mice we’ve seen in recent memories. It’s a bit small for our big fat hands, but fortunately, its conservative size doesn’t hinder the mouse’s ability to provide a cozy experience.

rapoo 3920p philippines

Its exterior is a two-texture affair; matte with pinstripe accents on each side and glossy plastic for the top and bottom portion. The left and right click is separated by a metallic grey plastic with a Tilt-Wheel and a DPI button below it. Two buttons are found on the left side of the mouse which acts as a Forward/Next and Back/Previous button.

There’s a power switch at the bottom of Rapoo 3920p, accompanied by the SurFree laser which is situated on its left side. Below these two components is a removable plastic cover that conceals the battery compartment. In between the two battery slots is a small rectangular hole that’s used to store the wireless dongle. Rubber strips can also be found underneath the mouse which elevates it just enough to protect the bottom part from getting scratched too much.

3920p 5g philippines

Features and Usability

Apart from the usual mouse functionalities, Rapoo has added some other features to their mice that give it a bit of an edge against its competition. One good example of this is the DPI switch, which allows the user to choose between two pre-set DPI settings; 1650 dpi and 880 dpi. Another cool feature of the 3920p is its scroll wheel that can also be tilted on each side to move the screen on the laterally.

As mentioned earlier, the 3920p’s compact profile was not a hindrance to us when we were using it. Basic navigation was a lot easier with the Rapoo 3920p thanks to the added buttons. We also like the concept of being one-click away from having an extra dpi boost which come in handy when we suddenly feel the need to play games with our PC.

rapoo 3920p 5g wireless mouse

This wireless mouse, as with some of the other wireless accessories from Rapoo, makes use of 5.8GHz wireless band. By not operating at the usual wireless frequency (2.4GHz), it allows the mouse to better communicate with the host device and lessen the interference. Moreover, the use of this wireless band extends the range, allowing the mouse to be further away from the dongle.


SurFree laser technology, in case you’re wondering, is Rapoo’s fancy way of describing how the mouse can function on most surfaces, even glass. So far, it has proven itself useful as the 3920p remained responsive regardless of the surface we’ve put it on.

If Rapoo’s claim is to be believed, then mileage will not be an issue to you anytime soon as the 3920p is said to last for a whole year before it asks for a fresh set of batteries. In addition, it can also run on a single battery allowing more flexibility to the user.

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The Rapoo 3920p 5G wireless mouse is a versatile and feature-packed input device that gives users flexibility and good mileage. In our opinion, the extra features such as the additional buttons on the side, DPI switch and tilting scroll wheel are relevant and make navigation more seamless. Throw in a 1-year battery life and you got an ideal companion for your portable device.

This mouse is already out market and retails for Php1’910. It’s quite a hefty price tag, but given the extra features it has, we think it can outweigh the price.

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