Dell acknowledges post-PC era

As tablets continue to soar while the PC falls under, Dell admits in its recent SEC filing that the PC market has a bleak future.


Dell, one of the largest PC vendors in the world, has outlined its concerns on what is happening in the PC industry. Some of the points mentioned are:

  • “decreasing revenues in the market for desktop and notebook PCs and the significant uncertainties as to whether, or when, this decrease will end”
  • “the overall difficulty of predicting the market for PCs, as evidenced by the significant revisions in industry forecasts among industry experts and analysts over the past year”
  • “the ongoing downward pricing pressure and trend towards commoditization in the desktop and notebook personal computer market”
  • “the increasing usage of alternative PC operating systems to Microsoft Windows”

In essence, the PC industry is in a tough situation right now and is showing no signs of improvement. Businesses that are heavily banking in this market will have uncertain futures. This explains Microsoft’s decision to produce its own tablet, NVidia’s investment in its Tegra processors, and Intel’s push for Atom-based mobile SoCs.

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