Logitech outs three new Windows 8 input devices

The company wants to make sure that you’re all covered by the time the Microsoft launched its new OS. That’s why they unveiled a trio of wireless pointing devices specifically designed for Windows 8.


Logitech’s offering includes 2 Touch mice and a spacious Touchpad. As mentioned earlier, all of these devices are wire-free and connects to your PC via wireless dongle that supports up to 5 additional devices.

Battery life shouldn’t be a problem with their latest offering. The T650 (TouchPad) can go for a month before you charge it via USB cable. As for the two mice, the T620 (All-Touch mouse) is said to last for 6 months before the AA battery needs replacement while the T400 should get you through 18-months before you need a fresh set of batteries.


If you’re wondering how much will these mice costs, the Logitech T400 retails for $49.99 while the more sophisticated all-touch T620 can be had for USD70. As for the wireless TouchPad, it’ll set you back almost USD80 to own one of it. For more info about the these devices, you can head on over to Logitech’s website here.

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