Trend Micro Announces New Apps for Windows 8

Trend Micro, a leader in content security software, announced 3 new apps through the Microsoft Store today that will help Windows 8 users protect their data. The apps are meant to compliment their flagship software, Titanium.

1. Trend Micro Safeguard is a tablet-optimized web browser wherein users can browse the web with Safe Search Results ratings on major sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo and even social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. It will be available for download on November and will always be free in the Windows Store.

2. Trend Micro’s Go Everywhere is meant to help users locate their tablet from loss or theft by using a worldwide Google map or by sounding a one minute alarm. It is currently in beta version and is free for a limited time in the Windows Store.

3. Trend Micro’s DirectPass will be a free app in the Windows Store and will feature a compatible version for Windows 8 Desktops. It is targeted at those who use synced passwords as it provides an extra layer of security and encrypts saved passwords online. One of its key features is it syncs multiple devices through the cloud, making password management easy.

They also improved their Titanium software with many other features like a Privacy Scanner for Facebook, a parental control and an expanded social networking protection that is meant to identify dangerous links online.

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