J5 Create Wormhole Switch JUC400

Every once in a while I’d transfer huge amounts of files from my Macbook to my Zenbook and the quickest way for me to do it is via a flash drive or an external HDD. However, sometimes the disk format (NTFS) of the external drive prevents me for doing the transfers.

So when I got this Wormhole Switch from the local distributor of J5 Create, that problem has somewhat gone away. This cable allows you to hook up two laptops running either Mac or Windows (or both) to be able to connect to each other and transfer volumes of files.

It’s basically plug and play (although you need to install the client application just once) and when the two laptops are connected, you can control both using either of the two input devices of the laptop.

That way, you can copy files from one window then go to the other window and paste them there. There’s actually no “drag-and-drop” feature but the “copy-and-paste” works just fine. As for the speed of the file transfers, it depends on the sizes of the files but normally, you’d get USB 2.0 speeds most of the time.

There are actually several models of this Wormhole Switch but the one we’ve been using is the JUC400. This model supports Windows to Mac and vice-versa, Mac to Mac or Windows to Windows and there’s actually an iPad support as well.

Not really that essential to most people but if you work in a Mac and Windows environment very often, you’d find this cable pretty useful.

The Wormhole Switch JUC400 might retail for about Php1,750 when it hits the local stores.

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