Rapoo lands locally, brings budget wireless accessories

Chinese accessory manufacturer, Rapoo, has decided to enter the local market with the help of one of the biggest local distributor EA Global Solutions. Head past the break to find out what this new player is all about and what they have in store for us.


There’s a big possibility that you’ve not heard of Rapoo and their products. This is because the company is fairly new to the market. They’ve started out as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for wireless devices in 2000. Half a decade later, the company decided to go all out and formed their own brand and it’s only recently that they’ve ventured out of their homeland China to compete with the big players in the PC accessories industry.

Rapoo has already accomplished a lot in their rather short career. One of their milestone as a company is being the first manufacturer to launch wireless input devices that operate in the 2.4GHz band in 2006. They’ve also joined big tech conventions such as IFA, CES and Computex to showcase their products and recently won the 2012 German IF Design Award for their Blade Series wireless keyboards.

Rapoo Blade Series keybaord

So now that we have a background of Rapoo, let’s look at their offerings. Their portfolio consists 4 main product category; Mouse, Keyboard, Headphones/Headsets and Portable Speakers all of which are wireless. Under these categories, Rapoo has a wide range of products that not only fit the consumers’ needs, but also their budget.

Rapoo Mouse

Their wireless mice range from Php495 (Rapoo 1620) – Php1,910 (Rapoo 3920 Laser) and it comes in all shapes and sizes (and colors variations) to fit your input needs. Some of these mice take advantage of the 5GHz wireless technology for a more stable and wider range of connection.

In addition, Rapoo mice are also known for their power efficiency feature. For the low and mid-tier mice, it will take 9 months before users will have to replace the batteries. Their high-end offering, on the other hand, can go for a year with a pair of fresh AA batteries.

Rapoo Keyboard

This power efficiency feature extends to Rapoo’s wireless keyboards. One model in particular, the Rapoo E9070 (Php1,415), is said to last for two years using the same batteries. Some of their keyboard offerings have spill-resistant features (E1050 Php680), while others boast 5.6mm thin frames (E6300 for iPad, E9070, E9080, E2700). Rapoo’s wireless keyboards range from Php680 (E1050) – Php2,350 (E9080) and they also offer wireless keyboard and mouse combos which range from Php1,025 (X1800 Combo) to Php3,920 (8900P Combo).

Rapoo headset

Now for those of you who like jamming to beats minus the dangling wires, you’d be delighted to know that Rapoo also offers a handful of wireless headphones/headsets that comes in various colors. Some of these headphones syncs with your device via Bluetooth (H6020, H6060 and H6080), while others (H1030, H3050, H3070 and H8030) require a wireless dongle and makes use of either 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency to connect. Rapoo’s wearable audio equipment ranges from Php1,475 (H1030) to Php2,775 (H6080).

Rapoo A3020

And lastly, we head on over to Rapoo’s portable speaker portfolio which consist of a rather small soundbar, the A3020, and cup-looking wireless speaker called A3060. Both of these wireless speakers have a inbuilt microphone that enables consumers to use the product for conference calls. Pricing and local availability of these audio peripherals are yet to be announced, but we were told that we can look forward for it in the next coming months.

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