Visible Light Charging Cable for iPhone and micro-USB

Third-party charging cables are sold aplenty by a hundreds of suppliers, each one having their own unique version or some times offering a more affordable version of the original.

For the micro-USB cables, no one really has the exclusive rights for that so we don’t have a set standard or expectation.

This one that we got from Hot Gadgets looks pretty interesting. The colored cables have an LED bulb inside of them and they glow and flicker when you use them to charge the device.

The lights behave as if they represent the flow of electrical current on the line — rapid glow when the device is almost depleted, slow when the device is almost full, and stops when the device is fully charge.

So the LED lights have a practical use in them and not just for eye-candy. Here’s how it looks like when you plug a fully-drained iPhone 4S:

The cables comes in a number of colors, including blue, black and white. Supports up to iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4G, iPad 3 an the old iPod players. If you have an Android device, there’s one for micro-USB as well.

You can get it here from Hot Gadgets for Php450 a piece.

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