Logitech H540 USB Headset Review

One look at the Logitech H540 USB headset and you can already tell that this baby’s built for laptop or PC use. As its name suggests, the H540 is a “plug and play” USB connection device, most likely designed primarily with communication over common calling applications like Skype, and other voice and video chat apps in mind.

When I got a hold of the H540, it easily grabbed my attention with its hip and modish look. Even though it was built for PC use, I won’t mind wearing it outside with the right device. Its rotating microphone can be hidden discreetly behind one of the ear cups, and it has a stylish, sleek design.

Hardware and Usability

The H540 has a USB connection, so whatever device you wanted to plug it on would need to have a USB port – unless of course you have some kind of adapter which unfortunately doesn’t come with the box. When we tried it on, it fits perfectly well – thanks to its sturdy but bendable headband that easily adjusts to the contours of your head. The headband is also extendable, like many other headsets that we already have in the market, so you can manually adjust the length of the headband to your comfort and fitting.

Speaking of comfort, the ear cups are conveniently built with soft, leatherette padding that’s very friendly to the ears. The headband itself is also padded for longer lasting comfort, and this just further reinforces the idea that this headset was specifically intended for long video chats that can go for hours. As mentioned earlier, the device has a flexible, rotating microphone to complete the set, which can be neatly folded up into the right ear cup where it is barely noticeable when not in use.

My favorite feature of the H540 though was the presence physical, on-ear control buttons on the right ear cup for adjusting the volume levels and for muting the mic right at your fingertips. There’s also an LED indicator on the wire that lights up when your mic is on mute, so it’s easier to tell why your chat buddy can’t hear you from the other end.

Sound Quality

Now the H540 was supposed to have laser-tuned drivers and a built-in equalizer to give you crystal-clear calls and a rich, digital stereo for movies and music. To test this, I actually had a video chat with a few friends over Skype and asked for their feedback about the audio quality. All of them said that they can hear me clearly, and I can hear them perfectly from my end as well. Every word was crisp and clear, although the strength of your connectivity would surely affect the quality of sound you’ll be receiving.

The noise cancelling capabilities of its microphone does a good job as it effectively eliminated background noises when I tried recording an audio using the H540’s mic. However, the buddies who I spoke with over chat cannot discern a noticeable difference in the quality of sound they were hearing. From here, we can probably say that the boom mic works remarkably when recording audio directly on your PC however, the quality of its sound may not be very noticeable over chat, probably because connectivity issues can get in the way.

I also used the headset when playing with games as well as listening to music and watching movies to fully gauge the quality of sound it produces, and I can say that it definitely delivers what it promises. The only trouble that I had with the H540 though was that it was a bit difficult to find the “Goldilocks Zone” of its volume and bass intensity. You go one notch up and the volume is too loud, but then when you go back one mark lower, it’s not loud enough. You may need a bit more time in tuning to find the volume level that’s “just right”.


In terms of usability and functionality, the Logitech H540 does its job well and it produces the quality of sound that it brags about. It appears to be specially made for communication over voice and video calls, with its padded body providing extra comfort even when used for long periods of time. You may not be able to notice the better quality of the microphone right away if you’re using it for video calls as your internet signal strength may get in the way. However, it does a remarkable job with audio recording due to the mic’s noise-cancellation feature.

Bottomline is, is it a good buy? I’d say yes if you’re the type who has video calls included in their daily routine.

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