Huawei WS320 Wireless Repeater hands on

Do you have a weak WiFi coverage at home or at the office? Then you might want to consider using a WiFi repeater to extend your signal. Check out our quick hands on of the Huawei WS320 wireless repeater after the break.

In most cases, WiFi repeaters are bulky, heavy and expensive but this is not the case with the Huawei WS320. The Huawei WS320 wireless repeater is small, light and portable that you wouldn’t mind taking it with you whenever you travel. It actually looks like a standard smartphone charger at first glance

On the front is a button that lights up when connected to your WiFi while behind it is a 2 round pin plug (you’ll need to use a plug adapter for those wall sockets that don’t accept round pins.) On top of the device is a pinhole for the reset button in case you need refresh your settings.

Setting up the device is really simple, just plug the device to wall socket and wait for it to power on. You can then choose two methods of setting up the WS320, one is through the WPS button and one through the web-based configuration utility. The device comes with an easy to follow user guide so both setup should only take less then 5 minutes.

Overall, the WS320 is a very handy and effective device for curing those WiFi dead spots. You can purchase the Huawei WS320 wireless repeater at HotGadgets for Php1,880.

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