Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm goes live

Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. in partnership with the official local distributor X-Play Online, Inc. have formally launched the highly anticipated second part of this epic trilogy, the Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm.


In a 20-mission campaign, players will follow Sarah Kerrigan in her search for vengeance as she hunts Arcturus Mengsk down and make him pay for this treachery. Fueled by her anger, Kerrigan becomes powerful as the game progress, acquiring new abilities along the way and enabling her to evolve her Zerg legion in to a more dreadful army.

To keep the playing field leveled in the Multiplayer arena, Blizzard has made a few adjustments to the abilities of existing units and buildings, added a total of 7 new units and removed 3. These new units include the Swarm Host and Viper for Zerg, Oracle and Tempest for Protos, Hellbat and Widow Mine for Terran.

starcraft 2

Blizzard has introduced a handful of in-game elements to make the game ever more engaging and competitive for players. Gamers who are still honing their skills can take full advantage of the game’s Training and versus AI modes. Once ready, they can put their skills to the test and slug it out with fellow enthusiast online through Global Play. Players will then strive to improve their stats, earn experience points and customization rewards by competing with other players through Matchmaking and Custom Games.

In addition to these cool new enhancements, Blizzard also added some interactive features to the Heart of the Swarm such as the revamped chat system and Replay which now allows a user to host an online replay lobby and invite other players to watch it with them. Blizzard takes the Replay feature up a notch by adding Take Control in the mix which basically permits the viewers to choose a certain point in the replay and jump right in on the action!

Now herre’s a sneak peek of Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm to get you more pumped up:

Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm can be purchased through any of X-Play Online’s 52 partner stores including the newly opened Netopia-Highlands Coffee branch in Greenhills Mall. The expansion pack can be had for Php1,795 while the Wings of Liberty receives a minor price cut which is now being retailed for Php1,395. A retail-exclusive Collector’s Edition of the Heart of the Swarm is also available which will set you little less than five grand a pop.

Players can also purchase the game through Blizzard’s online store which costs USD39.99 for the basic version and USD59.99 for the Digital Deluxe version.

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