Acer Aspire One AO521 with AMD K125 CPU

And we thought Intel has completely dominated the 10-inch netbook market with the Atom processor — it looks like Acer has gotten its hand on an AMD K125 CPU running at 1.7GHz on their new Aspire One AO521.

Acer Aspire One AO521
10.1″ display screen @ 1024×600 pixels
AMD K125 @ 1.7GHz 1MB Cache
AMD M880G Chipset
ATI Radeon HD 4225 Graphics 384MB RAM
250GB Hard Disk Drive
Card Reader
0.3MP webcam
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.0

The netbook also comes with a 6-cell battery and Windows 7 Starter. The 12-watt CPU is a little higher than Intel’s ULV (10-watts) CPUs but way higher than Atom’s 2.5-watt rating. Add the Radeon HD 4225 and the couple could guzzle up the battery quite fast, possibly cutting into half usual battery life when compared to other Atom-based netbooks.

I’m curious with the performance of this one though (I imagine something similar to Lenovo’s ThinkPad X100e). With a suggested retail price of Php21,900, the Aspire One AO521 could be a strong alternative in the Atom-dominated netbook market.

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  1. manong ignoy


    with the 50K 6 core Intel CPU you can already bought an ATI HD 5970 2GB and a six core AMD CPU plus 1.5TB HDD, or 64GB SSD OCZ from CD R king
    with this set up it will surely pawn the Intel set up price wise

    and always remember high end specs will become obsolete by 6months after so the 50k price will probably less than 5k

    always put depreciation factor in building a rig plus how many years are you going to used it

    parang fanboy nang Intel yata or baka endorser

  2. manong ignoy


    price wise AMD is the winner
    the only problem lies with the user because of the previous fear that AMD CPU will still overheat and will be choosy in the programs that will run
    but this has change already,

    same holds true with the mobile PC CPU
    AMD CPU are way cheaper than Intel and you always have the upper hand in choosing it over Intel performance wise because it is coupled with ATI video card

    expect quadcore AMD processor to come out early this year at a very low price compared to Intel icore 7

  3. lolipown

    di pa pala tapos lmao

    I remember this gem from manong as a reply to abe himself.

    “sorry boss… i never realized your internet cafe was worldwide before! that’s why AMD dominated… so what happened? closed shop?”

    lmao. And he’s accusing everyone else of trolling :)

  4. Manerdie


    sir mas ok kaya ito meaning mas powerful than neo mv-40 hd3200??

  5. Performance-wise be it Processor or Graphics, this lil bad@ss netbook will trounce any Atom-based (Pine Trail) netbooks anytime of the day.

    AMD is not dominant in sales but in price/performance Intel loses.

    Pine Trail netbook will have a longer battery life though.

    This should be a nice alternative to MSI U230. ^_^

  6. “sir mas ok kaya ito meaning mas powerful than neo mv-40 hd3200??”


    Yes both in processor and graphics.

  7. Eason de Guzman Jr


    You basis simply doesn’t have grip.

    First of all Sir Yuga said

    “And we thought Intel has completely dominated the 10-inch netbook market with the Atom processor — it looks like Acer has gotten its hand on an AMD ”

    He’s talking about 10 inch Netbooks in the Philippine Market.

    Why ask in the 1st place the question – “had AMD dominated anything? change you line please…”

    Sir Yuga didn’t even say anything about AMD dominating a certain field in the Processor market.


    China phones in DIVISORIA doesn’t have NTC clearance thus its considered as a BLACK MARKET PRODUCT. While Myphone, Cherry Mobile, Torque and other branded China Phones are locally partnered brands from china, they have clearance to sell in the Philippine Market. In proper terms, comparing “Divisoria Black Market Phones” to Nokia doesn’t have any basis at all.

    And if you are going to argue to me that Nokia is made in China against “China BRANDLESS Phones”, then you really don’t know what you are talking about.

    I have an Intel Lapop, but in terms of Desktop I’m 100% AMD cause its cheaper and Better. I too manage an computer cafe, and all of the unit there are 100% AMD.

    Unless you have proper basis in your alleged “argument” then I suggest research how to compare products in the LEGITIMATE WAY.

    To Sir Yuga : Don’t you think the Asus Asus Eee PC 1201T is much better than this one? The AMD Congo?

  8. manong


    my statement is just an emphasis on intel’s domination which the blog is questioning. ever heard of the word “SARCASM”?

    i do hope you are living in a third world country where “LEGITIMATE” is as common as your internet cafe’s LICENSED WINXP & OFFICE…

    get real! 80% of pinoys will never be as BRANDED as you… there goes your LEGITIMATE sales figures!

    are you aware even original NOKIA items are smuggled here in our country? so are you LEGITIMIZING it now? i hope you are a NTC employee…

    my basis? try LIVING in metro manila or look at the back of your “Made in China” iPHONE

    yet i agree, AMD is cheaper & better than INTEL. UNFORTUNATELY, sales figures do not agree. THAT’S LEGITIMATE

  9. Eason de Guzman Jr


    If your statement is Sarcasm, then what’s the point of saying “change you line please…””

    You are obviously making loopholes, and 80% doesn’t go to branded? Where on earth you get that statistics?

    Yes I’m aware of the BLACK MARKET products here in the Philippines which I said earlier, so what is the connection of that to comparing LEGITIMATE product survey vs none legitimate?

    If you could give me JUST ONE RESEARCH about that then fine you have a point. The thing is that, non-legitimate products will never have proper grip of comparison the LEGITIMATE products.

    I’m surely not an NTC employee but I read and know proper standard laws here in the Philippines.

    Furthermore, I don’t have an iPhone because its apple. and I live in Metro Manila. And your statement if all of our softwares are LEGITIMATE? Yes it is, cause its in Makati CBD. But I’m also aware of Filipinos being “Maparaan” but that is out of the topic anyways, we are talking here about what you have said in the first place.

  10. manong


    so if i am sarcastic, does it mean i cannot end with a suggestion? your comprehension with human beings is too simplistic…

    ever heard of “intelligent guess” or the pareto principle? u don’t need actual statistics to show an obvious fact. what i do know is that only 7% of pinoys belong to the ABC class and tiangges outnumber malls by the hundreds (who sell branded btw?). 80% would be a safe bet for a 97% DE class.

    unfortunately, for someone who needs numbers like you, will never see what any ordinary person would (that makes you a special child). i hope you believe in GOD ahem!

    anyway, kudos for u being a legitimate owner of softwares in makati cbd coz recently omb is lurking around over that area (bakit kayo pinag-iinitan di ba taga-makati cbd ka?)

  11. @Manong

    Di po ako taga makati, I just work there part time.

    We all have different perspective, I’m agnostic in first place. And I get your point, its just how you interact by the ways of your text is the initiative of people’s perspective to your reaction. To me I find it assertive but in a way that its rude.

    Your last question…I dunno but in my perspective , Makati is a jungle but easy to manage your way in. Its too simple to find pirated softwares among the thousands of companies in makati since its just centralized. I guess OMB wants to set example that even big companies can get caught. Well thanks to that softwares are now a regular sight in computer stores, some softwares are even 3 users in one purchase.

  12. I’d love to get my hands on that Acer AO521. Coming from an Asus 1000HE, it would be a bit refreshing. Won’t you agree, Manong??

  13. @manong

    @Manong – wow, intelligent! Haha!

  14. haiz, naghahanap ako ng info about this new acer puro paangasan lna pla mababasa ko tao nga naman ayaw patalo.

  15. jestoni

    Acer AO521 ginagamit ko ngayon and I must say masmabilis siya kaysa sa mga kahanay niyang lumabas na intel. Battery life mga 5 1/2 hours on average use
    (wi-fi on). I checked some reviews online and sa benchmarking nila, okay ang performance…

  16. shredder_otagel

    mga sir, tanung ko lang kung may user dito ng 521 na nakapag undervolt. i believe the only downside of the 521 against its rival atoms is battery life.

  17. Just to kill the lame argument,, AMD did dominate the graphics industry the past year till now.

    5hrs batt life huh.. other reviews posted around 4hrs. Really bad for a 10-inch netbook, but playing HD videos is a must for me..

  18. What RAM is compatible with this netbook? I want to upgrade my 1GB DDR3 to 2GB DDR3…

  19. I always consider horsepower over anything else when choosing a mobile PC. I guess the AOD521 fits my bill. Screw the battery life–I want horsepower.

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