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December 21, 2012

Acer Iconia B1, Acer’s $99 Jellybean tablet?

While the world is waiting for the rumored $99 Google Nexus 7, Acer is already positioned to release it’s budget-friendly 7 incher – the Acer Iconia B1.


The Acer Iconia B1 has just passed through the FCC and was found to carry Mediatek SoC with dual-core processors clocked at 1.2GHz, a screen resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, 512MB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, microSD card slot, a SIM card slot, and runs Android 4.1.2 Jellybean.


So far there’s no official confirmation regarding the release date and if it indeed costs $99. But if Acer really wants to compete with the $99 Nexus 7, the Iconia B1 should revolve around that price tag and beat Google to market. Expect the tablet to make an appearance at CES in January.


Acer Iconia B1 spotted, sells for Php12,000

18 Responses to “Acer Iconia B1, Acer’s $99 Jellybean tablet?”

  1. Darren
    Twitter: axedmozo

    w0w :)

  2. robert says:

    wow! this great! with sim slot this is really cheaper than other tab with sim slot.. kelan kaya ito magiging available sa pilipinas

  3. spidey
    Twitter: digitalspidey

    There ya gow! Competition will bring down prices.

  4. iVan says:

    bad screen display. low ram. low storage space. mediocre speed.

    oh well, cheap is cheap

  5. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    wow it even beat our locally released tablets in terms of price and even bundles a sim slot @_@

  6. Smokescreen says:

    Why are low cost tablets so obssessed with 512mb of RAM. Everything’s fine if only there would at least be 1gb of RAM.

  7. Ako says:

    “Why are low cost tablets so obssessed with 512mb of RAM. Everything’s fine if only there would at least be 1gb of RAM.”

    Ans. Because they are low cost

    • alcbu says:

      So add 30 to even 50 bucks for that 1g RAM it would still be low cost, still cheaper than some of those crappy smartphones out there.

    • r41 says:

      That 30 to 50 bucks that you add to the BOM is actually big already once you realize the number of units they are going to manufacture and sell. Say you make 1 million units. The extra 512mb of ram would already cost you 50 million! And trust me once they release this in the market, more than 1 million will be sold…

  8. lawrence says:

    Every android user knows how bad 512 RAM is for version above 2.3. I personally wouldn’t mind paying 1k more for a gig ram. But hey, if thiswill still be under 5k mark it will still be a still. I think sacrificing the sim slot is a better option though.

    • r41 says:

      I see your point and would also love for it to have that extra half gig of ram, however if they ever do that, they would definitely shatter the sales of all other tablets including their own, and they would end up getting sued by other companies due to “unfair” practices.

      Think about it: the 3G/4G capability of an iPad costs an extra ~5k. This whole table costs ~5k. Imagine the cost-cutting they did on this thing!

  9. pines says:

    specwise, parang rebranded china tab lng… just like what alcatel is doing..

  10. alcbu says:

    Apple too, in fact everybody else too. There’s no shame in admitting everything’s made in china now.

    • pines says:

      mali nman pagkaintindi nyo.. rebranded china tab?.. meaning may OEM galing china then tinatakan nila ng ibang brand.. parang yung alcatel, galing sa TCL yung mga android phones nila..then tatakan nila ng alcatel tapos benta nila sa europe,us at some parts ng asia maliban lng sa china since di nila pwede icompetencya yung OEM maker nila na TCL dun… gets? at ang sabi ko eh “specwise,parang rebranded china tab lng”.. if you try to check specs of torque,chery mobile, myphone, cdr-king tabs eh halos same lng sila ng specs kaya di na nkakagulat ang price n $99 since sa ganun na specs eh makakakuha na tyo ng rebranded china tabs at a lesser price…:)

  11. Drew says:

    Coming from an Android device w/ only 512mb RAM, I would say this is a great tablet, if not only for the said amount of RAM, w/c is a big turn-off. :/

  12. ferdinand marte says:

    if RAM is such a big-issue for these Brands – why not add a firmware that allows Thumb drive’s to be used as memory – just like in Windows. Think about it, 4-8-16-32GB of memory – apps will surely fly out of the screen!!!!!!!

    • r41 says:

      Pointless practice actually, the access times would be too high and “lag” will occur even more. There’s a reason why volatile memory is pricey and only exists in pretty small capacities compared to their non-volatile counterparts, and that’s because they’re plenty fast and pretty hard to substitute.

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