Ainol Novo 7 Crystal puts Jellybean, IPS for cheap

Ainol tablets have become very popular in recent years because they’re usually the very first ones to bring our tablets running the latest Android OS. They were the first to ship ICS on a tablet and it looks like they’re doing the same with Jellybean.

We’ve reviewed the Aurora and the Paladin before but the Crystal looked much better.

The Ainol Novo 7 Crystal is looking to compete with the Nexus 7 – it runs a dual-core 1.5GHz processor, 1GB RAM, IPS LCD display (1024×600 pixels) with Android 4.1 Jellybean.

The price tag — just $139 in their online store. I’m pretty sure we’ll eventually see this tablet in local online stores soon.


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  1. Maime Hoshi

    I’ll get a unit reserved once it becomes available for ordering

  2. if FRYS or BESTBUY gets this il pick one up

  3. kobejames23

    which is better, aurora 2 or this? I’m planning to get one for my nephew as a birthday gift…ang mahal ng iPad 3 eh hehhe :D

  4. what? is this new? i ordered ainol flame and it’s already on its way here :) but it will not run JB yet.

    • I think it has the same specs but minus the rear cam, so they made a cheaper one. Can I ask where did you order your Flame tab? Thanks! :)

  5. Would love to see a review on this unit.

  6. sana mag karoon ng full review about dito available na to sa pilipinas e,

  7. The Ainol only has a dual-core CPU. The Nexus 7 has quad-core. For an extra $60, I’d rather get a quad-code. Besides… Ainol??? The beauty of the Nexus 7 is that it’s a NEXUS device, meaning you can expect to get timely OS upgrades on this device. As for Ainol, ewan ko lang. You might end up with JB for life.

    • Go buy Nexus 7. Yup! if you’re richer by $60.. Ainol is for people who enjoys cheaper gadgets without spending too much. There’s no place for you here

    • Nexus 7? Bili ka na lang ng Ainol Novo 7 makaka-save ka pa ng $60.

    • The nexus 7 is available locally for 12.75k to 13k with the 8 Gb model. This Ainol model is already available for pre-order at 6k and would eventually settle around 6.5k to 7k.

  8. I like that unit, sana hindi na nag- iinit kapag ginagamit,

  9. According to their site this is just an upgrade of the elf line. The price of this device is really promising but i would rather buy ainol fire. Fire is better and more economical in every aspect. Better screen(HD IPS 1280by800), Dual Cam(2mp frontcam and 5mp with flash back cam), More Internal storage(16gb), Backmetal plate(for a rigid and sturdy feel), 5000 mAh Combining with smart power management (Stanby time with screen saver is 25 days),bluetooth and many more.

    Ainol made a lot of changes to better suit the needs of their loyal customers. They have delayed the release of this product for almost 5 months now because of past problems.

    The only advantage of crystal is that it is running jelly bean. But flame will be having a jellybean update as soon as the second wave of ainol flame is released.(The first batch had a lot of incompatibility issues that is why it is delayed)

  10. Do these tablets work well when used in creating spreadsheets and presentations? particularly MS EXCEL and MS POWERPOINT..

    • ito din kailangan ko malaman… i’m waiting for a windows tablet kung di ko to makuha or mapagana

  11. Guys visit Ainovo/Ainol facebook page, you can pre order novo 7 crystal and flame at a lower price.

  12. Hi guys, can anyone recommend a online site (China?) which is reliable for ordering such tablet or any kind? Thanks! And does customs tax it if it’s from overseas?

    • Chinagrabber[dot]com is one of the most reliable online seller of Chinese-branded gadgets. They offer 1 year warranty too. Check out their site and search for the ainol crystal, coz they’re usually the first seller for that kind of tablet.

  13. if u want to avail Novo7 Flame or crystal come at Gameline n SM bICUTAN BRANCH or any of their branch……. they hav such a good & approachable dealer………..!! enjoy guyz, iv came their last time & they are very good entertainer…..!


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