AMD Phenom II X4 out and priced

I’ve been on the look-out for the new AMD Phenom II since it was first announced last January. Most of the local stores I drop by don’t have it on stock yet. I even asked their local PR if they’re distributing units around.

Over the week-end I saw them listed over at Rising Sun Computers:

AMD Phenom II X4 920 2.8GHz Quad Core
Price: Php 10,100

AMD Phenom II X4 940 3.0GHz Quad Core
Price: Php 11,600

They’re still on an order basis though. This line will be AMD’s direct competitor for Intel’s Core i7 (they even had the SKUs similar to each other) but the price points are much lower. Would be interesting how the Phenom 2 will stack against Intel’s.

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  1. is amd better than intel? im also using amd now. looking forward for an upgrade.

  2. Sometimes AMD overpower Intel and vice versa. It depends on how programmers do the programming.. A quality code on Intel does not mean that its good for AMD. :)

  3. Intel’s Core i7 is the world’s fastest processor to date. However, even if AMD’s Phenom II is trailing in speed but it’s much cheaper than Core i7. So, we have the choice. It’s always good for us consumers.

  4. But how come AMD seems to be slow in distributing this chip here in the country?

  5. AMD is the right choice for people who wanted a fast and affordable processor. Our ever first desktop was running AMD Duron 1.6GHZ because that time it was the affordable but wise alternative of pentium 4. Go AMD for more affordable but top of the line quality processors.

  6. Yeah looks nice and fast enough and more affordable than intel.

  7. I have been an AMD user for almost two years now and I’m proud to say that its a smart choice to buy their line of microchips.

    The overrated Intel processor sure sets the benchmark in desktop computing, but as for the majority of tech consumers’s choices, AMD is the better brand… in terms of price, that is.

    But don’t forget that no matter how jacked-up your processor is, it’s still the usage that throttles its optimum efficiency and longetivity

  8. kumagszy

    Phenom II actually directly competes with Core2Quad both in price and performance.

  9. Nocollay Jikwa

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  10. sourjerer

    For AMD makes the best cpu’s around. And this recent release of the AMD phenom II, which has fixed many bugs found in the original AMD phenom. This processor directly competes with Intel Core 2 Quad, and somehow provides a better alternative to the over priced intel core i7, i bet that as of now AMD is developing a more cpu which can surpass the pricy core i7……… and now AMD is even more powerful with is merger with ATI,,,, wow!!!….
    We can expect a true revolution in cpu design and performance to be delivered first by AMD. Truly AMD sticks to its motto’s “a smarter choice” and “the future is fusion” go AMD…….. where very proud of you!

  11. hOW much is amd phenom if desktop only???

  12. This is funny, I was just thinking about this yesterday. For some weirdmotive I stumbled to this article lol. I’ll be coming back here. This really is a good discovery….rare for me to stumble on new websites :)


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