Archos 101 in the flesh, first impressions

So we finally got our hands on the new Android tablet of Archos. First up is the flagship model, the Archos 101.

For only Php19,990, you get a 10.1″ capacitive touch screen display running Android 2.1 (upgraded to 2.2 Froyo before it hits the stores) on a 1GHz chip with 16GB storage.

Archos 101
10.1 inch display @ 1024×600 pixel capacitive screen
1GHz ARM Cortex A8 CPU
16GB internal storage
720p HD video playback
VGA camera
HDMI port
microUSB port
USB port
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1

The capacitive screen is now more responsive and the system feels much faster than the old versions we reviewed here. The form factor makes it more usable in landscape orientation although the portrait mode is better when browsing the web.

archos 101 archos 101 archos 101

Compared to the previous tablet of Archos, the Archos 101 is thinner and lighter for its size. It’s got the same genetic look as the older ones with a matte and brushed-metal finish but with much less metal parts.

The front-facing VGA camera is sub-par and is very grainy under low-light conditions.

The TFT screen is good enough but as always, it’s very prone to glare (which is why we’re having problems taking good photos of the unit).

The plastic body tapers towards the sides giving it an impression that it’s much slimmer than it actually is. It’s got a kickstand at the back middle part which is good for when you’re watching movies.

The back panel also has a couple of small protruding pimples and another pair of small rubber pads that protects the unit from scratches when you put it down on its back. It also helps it set in place especially on slippery surfaces so it won’t slip off and fall over.

There’s no Android Market pre-installed here (they’ll probably fix that on the Froyo 2.2 upgrade or maybe there’s a hack for that?) but the unit has an AppsLib which is also an apps directory/repository.

HD movie playback is smooth and great; viewing angle is wide enough, maybe around 120 degrees across. Sound quality is good and volume is decent though the speakers are all at the back panel.

Found a bug in the system though — the navigational buttons would not work if it’s placed on the right side of the screen. Works fine if you rotate it around to the other sides except the right side. Looks like an OS issue on the screen size.

All-in-all, it’s a great device and I hope they finish the Froyo update, add the Android Market and do some bug fixes before finally releasing it out to the market. At Php19,990, it’s one of the most afforable tablets around and a good alternative to the Galaxy Tab and Apple iPad. Since there’s no 3G model for this, you’ll have to opt for a MiFi solution for connectivity.

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  1. nice. hope you get your hands on the 70, and a review maybe.

  2. Obviously, this one’s better compares the CN Superion when it comes to raw power and speed. The advantage of the Superion though is that it has GSM and Cellular Data features.

  3. spectator

    “There’s no Android Market pre-installed here (they’ll probably fix that on the Froyo 2.2 upgrade or maybe there’s a hack for that?)”
    There’s an APK for that. Also, you can try this resource –

  4. ya, nice option to the other major brands. 2011 is going to be fun year for tablet computing.

    hi abe, do you have market data in the phils regarding laptop/netbook sales, and how it is being affected by the tablet devices? might be a nice topic for a blog. thanks.

  5. Nice preview Yuga.

    By the way, did it come with leather case or any sort of a cover?

  6. I doubt it will have the official market. Google does not provide it if the device doesn’t pass certain standards – “Google is still restricting access on non-phone device or devices that lack 3G”. And I think another reason is because of the screen size as well – 10″ above. Samsung Galaxy Tab is an exception since it has 3G and it has only 7″.

    Anyways here’s an article for getting market access:

  7. most people is still not well informed that the galaxy tab has a phone feature. poor job for samsung marketing. that is why people are not convince of its steep price.

    if this one has no 3G and phone then, it is not a direct substitute to galaxy tab IMO.

  8. My friend was able to install google marketplace into his Archos and works perfectly.

  9. Nice. Great pics Yuga. :)

    Any reviews for the Archos 70 250Gb? I’m pretty sure many are waiting for this.

  10. Sana may 50% off din ang Archos. :)

  11. mr. bogus

    good alternative?? for me its best alternative!

  12. Nice. Please don’t forget to check out the functionality of the usb port. I would like to know if it can support a logitech wireless mouse and keyboard combo (logitech MK320).This might be the disruptive innovation that I have been waiting for.

  13. may pre-order ang galaxy tab sa smart..
    i thinks its free under plan 3000..

  14. Google Market is a non-issue. We got it running a few minutes after getting it.

    Best part for me is the fact that it can access your home network. It’s got SMB integrated into the file system and you wouldn’t even know you’re already browsing another PC’s harddrive. Just go to


    Any other folder below that is your home network.

    I’ve been asking around and apparently, this

    and this

    are not possible on the Galaxy Tab ^_^

  15. joeyoliver

    Sir Yuga,

    Can you plug a regular USB in it?
    Does it recognize it as a removable storage?

  16. May multi touch po ba ito???

  17. @joeyoliver yes. I recognize it as a removable storage. you can even copy and paste it your device.

  18. papabili ako nyan sa bayaw ko..pero yuga mukhang tama ka baka dun ako sa archos 70 mas maliit para dito nlng ako sa kama ko pag nagnenet bago matulog he he he…

  19. meron na b ito sa pinas,at san kaya makakabili?

  20. NineSwordz

    yeah sir abe can you also make Archos 70 a review, both the A70 250gb and 8gb version. im very interested on this baby. just want to make sure if the “black borders” issue on A70 is true.. btw still, this A101 is the best alternative for now! (how’s that iPad! lol =)

  21. Query on where to buy


    san po ba dito mabibili?


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