Archos 7 Home Tablet

If the 4.8″ screen of the Archos 5 is not big enough for you, check out the 7-inch screen of the Archos 7. Same Android tablet, just bigger screen. We have unboxing photos below the fold.

Archos 7 Home Tablet
7″ TFT LCD @ 800×480 pixels
ARM Cortex A8 @ 600 MHz (main CPU)
32 bit DSP @ 430 MHz (additional processor)
8GB internal storage
up to 32GB via microSD
WiFi 802.11 b/g
USB 2.0
3.5mm audio jack
Android 1.5

Like its younger sibling (Archos 5), this one is almost as slim and constructed with a combination of metal and plastic body but not too heavy for its size.

As for the specs, the Archos 7 was pared down losing some features like Bluetooth and the ability to hook up to the cradle (DVR Station) and connect to a TV as well as record videos. I guess they thought the screen size is big enough you won’t need to hook it up to an external monitor.

One might be a bit disappointed by that missing feature until you discover that the Archos 7 has a retail price of just Php11,500. Now who here thinks that’s a steal?

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  2. Marco Rafael

    Also a disappointment is the lack of flash in the Home 7.

    “The Archos 7 doesn’t support Flash, it lacks a webcam, and the Android Market is off limits”

    Pero kung media player lang hanap nyo na pwedeng pangbrowse sa mga static na sites ok to.

  3. lolipown

    ronnie seems a bit speechless there.

    While I’ll admit that it’s cheap, the Archos feels like a you-get-what-you-pay-for product. It sports a resistive touchscreen right?

  4. I buy few unit from amazon , at first i think the $199 is good deal , but actually this player is worst , the touch screen really slow and hard to scroll , and the app , i think all junk app , please consider don’t think $199 is a good deal , better u add another bucks for really goods item.

  5. MARIEsweet16

    @abeolandres how much po ba yung pinaka mura nyong offer? can’t go to the site at the moment po eh!

  6. nice.. but all the real estate with our the flash support is useless. But it is a good media player which is will really put that 7-inch screen into good use.

    no work on the touch screen though. Is it resistive or capacitive. If it was designed after it’s brother the Archos 5, then sports a resistive screen.

  7. lolipown

    There’s nothing to indicate that this won’t use a resistive touchscreen, especially not the price.

  8. I hate to say this, bit it’s just junk.

  9. I was actually thinking of getting this BUT changed my mind when I saw China-made aPads/ePads with built-in cameras.

    Any thoughts? They’re around 5k-6k off eBay, free shipping.

  10. Anonymous

    Where can I buy this? Meron ba sa moa?

  11. problem with chinese clone epads are the battery life wherein they say only last for 2 to 3 hours.

  12. Marc Tolentino

    Saan ko po makakabili ng archos 7 home tablet dito sa metro manila? pm me,interesado ako bumili now.

  13. i am selling my archos 7 home tablet. i’ve only used it around 5 times. let me know if you’re interested. 0920-9622287.


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