Are SSD prices really going down?

Earlier today, we posted a story on a “Newbie Guide to Solid State Drives (SSD)” and after checking out some stores, we’ve noticed that SSD prices have slightly been reduced since the last time we checked.

So far, here are the SD prices we’ve seen in the local market:

Intel 330 2.5″ SATA3 60GB: Php4,499
Intel 330 2.5″ SATA3 120GB: Php6,999
Intel 330 2.5″ SATA3 180GB: Php10,999

Kingston SSDNow SATA3 60GB: Php3,499
Kingston SSDNow SATA3 90GB: Php5,499
Kingston SSDNow SATA3 120GB: Php6,499
Kingston SSDNow SATA3 240GB: Php12,999

Patriot Torqx 32GB: Php3,200
Patriot Pyro 8E 120GB SATA3 2.5″: Php8,950

Corsair F40 Force Series 40GB: Php3,800

Based on what’s being sold in the local market, the entry-level SSDs are just in the Php4k or lower prices already. That’s pretty affordable and will allow you to set aside a budget for a system running an SSD (for fast boot or caching) and an HDD (for high-capacity storage) combo when setting up a dekstop PC.

For laptops, the price of the 120GB SSD have breached the Php7k mark. This should be a viable alternative when upgrading your laptop’s old HDD. And if you got a cheaper ultrabook that uses an HDD instead of SSD (Aspire S3, Samsung Series 5 Slim), this upgrade should fit the bill.

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  1. sylv3rblade

    Too bad the write cycles also have gone done (last year it was 5k for the Vertex 3 and similar products now it’s just 3K)

  2. v3xat10n

    based on what store po ba ito sir abe?

  3. How about hybrids like the Seagate Momentous XT?

    Hope its cheap too

  4. Maybe it will lower down again.

  5. most preferred way to address these needs.


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