Asus EeePC 1201T Review

The Asus Seashell design was continued with the introduction of the Eee PC 1201T, a 12-inch AMD Athlon-powered netbook. We took the unit for a spin and shared my verdict in the review below.

The Intel version, which is the 1201N with Atom N330 dual core and nVidia Ion, will not be released by Asus in the Philippines. But that shouldn’t prevent you from seeing some units sold in the grey market.

If you’re familiar with the Seashell 1008HA and 1005HA, the 1201T is the 12.1″ version with respect to design and construction — slim and tapered at the edges.

The unit is glossy all over — from the lid, to the keyboard panel and the palm rest — so expect a lot of smudges and fingerprints when using this. Some people like it, others hate this type of piano-black finish.

The chiclet-type keyboard is well-spaced although the individual keys are a bit small and prone to slipping when touch-typing. I kinda liked that style though.

The display screen is 12.1″ in diagonal and has a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. The glossy screen is bright and crisp — a big disadvantages when used outdoor because of the glare.

When I ran Windows Experience Index, the processor got a rating of 3.2. This is 0.1 higher than the same Athlon MV-40 on the ThinkPad X100e (WEI: 3.1) because I installed 64-bit version of Windows 7. More benchmark information here using PassMark. Here’s a comparison against the ThinkPad X100e with the same CPU and GPU.

Now at least we know that 64-bit OS does some improvements on performance. There’s also a difference in the GPU performance but that’s for another entry. I guess the most revealing about this CPU is that it can’t play YouTube HD (720p) smoothly — playback is choppy at best. It can play Full HD 1080p video files but that’s because of the help of the GPU.

One unique design feature of the Asus 1201T is that the trackpad area is continuous with the palm rest and that it’s pimpled (dotted like that of a Braille). This gives you some tactile feedback and I think works very well. The other drawback though is that the left and right click buttons are not separated.

The system is pre-installed with the Asus Express Gate, a quick-boot OS that allows for basic functions like instant messaging, browsing, games, video and photos. It’s a nice feature that’s built into the system and saves a lot of time when you’re in a hurry to get connected and just wanted to do a quick check.

As for battery life, the 6-cell battery only provides up to 2.5 hours but that’s because of the low rating of 4400mAh. I reckon if it had been 5600mAh, it could do about 3.25 hours. The Athlon CPU and Radeon HD3200 graphics are really juice-guzzlers.

The unit sells for Php21,900 without an OS — pretty affordable price if you asked me. However, the poor battery life and slightly above average performance of the CPU isn’t something to be too excited about.

In some respects, it’s actually better than a regular Atom-powered netbook with a 3-cell battery selling at the same price point. At the same time, if you compare this to the Lenovo ThinkPad X100e which has the same specs, the Eee PC 1201T looks attractive with the Php21,900 but don’t forget you still need to shell out some more money for the operating system.

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  1. how much?

  2. jenny dela cruz

    @sir yuga!(2 everyone)
    sir can u help me find a lappy which below 30k,mini laptops where i could play Online games! there is nice graphics,speed,ram! i’m really confused which one could buy!too many laptop in the market and im not so good in criticizing the unit! Then one thing also, i want to buy the item here in davao any store you know?
    suggestion plz….^_^

  3. jenny dela cruz

    i saw asus n10 is it better than asus

  4. I plan on buying HP 311..Happy to have thought twice.ASUS offers this, cheaper, with better specs…

    Hoping to see 1201N soon..

  5. @jenny

    Asus 1201N is a good choice for you. This netbook has a superb performance for gaming ;)


    i bought 1201t last april 19 its cool, and seems very good for me. but i have some difficulties using my touch pad .

  7. stay away; this site infects computer with trojans. This has happened over several months. That tells me they have not caught it and liekly intend to infect others.

  8. ronald26

    i just bought this and im having quite a problem playing vids are all you have any idea how to solve it?thanx!

  9. I don’t know if my 1201t has set-up problem. I thought the upper left switch is used to disable the scratchpad but I get no response once I press it or even using the Fn+F4 does not disable the scratchpad as well. Please help…thanks

  10. From where i can buy in india… I saw one option and it costs around 500USD
    anybody suggest any other source of purchase?

  11. Rains Bautista

    Pwede kayang mag-Photoshop dito? Can games like Plants vs Zombies and Mystery Case Files be played in this netbook?

  12. The Assus EEE PC 1201T is also very nice but its 2GB Ram maximim capacity is holding me back from buying it…I would still prefer the Lenovo Thinkpad X100e

  13. msi wind u135 vs asus eeepc 1201T san mas ok???

  14. The only con of this netbook is the battery.

  15. Thank you, I’ve been looking for facts about this subject matter for ages and yours is the best I’ve found so far.

  16. jego207

    We’ve been using the Asus 1201T for almost a year now. It’s light, durable, and versatile. Sometime’s you forget that it’s a netbook. I think prices are from P21k to P14k and upgraded with higher specs. I recommend this for portable computing.

  17. asus 1201T vs 1201B vs 1201N? which one is the best?

  18. I’ve been using this laptop for nearly a year, and so far, I’m satisfied with its performance. However, one of the keys is no longer functioning. I called the service center and was informed that it will cost me Php 2,300 for the whole keyboard replacement and 2 to 7 days of servicing. Does anyone know how I can replace just that one dysfunctional key? Service center recommendations would be helpful. Thanks!


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