Asus takes Lamborghini VX6 for a spin

Asus Philippines brought us here in Subic to introduce us to a whole new line of laptops they’re ready to sent out to stores. The Asus Lamborghini VX6 was first to go out the ramps.

The Lamborghini VX6 can be considered a souped up and dressed-up version of Asus’ thin and light category like the Asus UL20.

Asus Lamborghini VX6
12.1″ display @ 1366×768 pixel resolution
Intel Atom D525 @ 1.8GHz (Dual Core)
NVidia Ion 2
2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 x USB 2.0 port
Bang & Olufsen ICEpower
Bluetooth 3.0
HDMI port
Windows 7 Home Premium

The 6-cell battery can allegedly able to last for about 8 hours but previous experience might just peg it at 6 hours or shorter.

This is also the first time we saw the new dual-core Atom D525 and it’s paired with the NVidia Ion 2 graphics. We got the screen shot of Windows Experience Index here:

The spruced up Lamborghini VX6 is Asus’ answer to Acer’s Ferrari-inspired notebooks/netbooks. They don’t come any cheap either.

Units will be out in the coming weeks and they will have a retail price of around Php44,000+.

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  1. wooohooo!!! ang ganda ng style… love it!!!! but I wish they focus on its performance… kung baga LIBRE nlng ung style :D

  2. I’d pick up the Acer Ferrari notebooks over this one any time of the day. Granting that I have money though. :P

  3. mrkwuzhir

    dapat atleast kinuha nila ung concept or hubog ng Reventon.. pati na rin ung SPEED. hehehe… atom? aw. bale, wala nmn ako ganito pera.. hahahaha

  4. If only they would remove the Lamborghini logo, along with it’s price…

    Damn, it really looks sexy. But not too much on the specs side, though.

  5. 44k+ ouch! i’d rather spend it on a basic alienware m11x configuration around $850 with shipping.

  6. Talk about luxury laptops, well at least it has the newest trend of USB 3.0. I rather buy an Asus N series than that one in terms of practicality :)

    Any news about the Asus Cine5 Speakers to be sold here?

  7. the price is way high, but the specs is way low. not reasonable

  8. asus laptops are always the best…

    -proud owner of Asus G73

  9. Hi Guys! There’s the regular version which are much cheaper —

  10. Tumulo laway ko sa ganda nung design ah. hahaha..

    Ganda, Sana makabili ako nyan..

  11. ang ganda, but my deal breaker would be its price point that wouldn’t justify the Atom CPU.

  12. Justin696


    Sir san po mganda bumili laptop online? ung galing po ibang bansa.. kasi yung ibang model hindi available sa pinas eh.. tnx.. :)

  13. Hello People! Hi Abe!

    This one comes with a Lambo branded sleeve, Lambo mouse, and an external ODD. :)

  14. as Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson said, a car logo wont make a gadget or an accessory anywhere near like the car.

    it feels like pretending, especially a lambo, and as some of you said here, the specs isnt that good.

  15. maverick

    @justin696 try toshiba laptops..

  16. Beautiful and techie design notebook. I initially chosen Acer Ferrari to buy when my old laptop shuts down. But when I saw this, I think I need to reconsider. But I heard a Vx7 is something to be waited for.

  17. When will this hit the stores?
    Or where is this available already?

    I checked the Asus site and it costs $700 in other countries. It costs much more here. Where is it cheaper to buy?


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