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February 06, 2012

Asus Transformer Prime vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

With both tablets from Asus and Samsung being released to the public days apart and with a difference in the suggested retail price at only Php5, it’s hard not to compare the two. So, if you have a spare Php33,000 lying around, would you go for the Asus Transformer Prime or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7?

If we look at the photo below, the difference is very noticeable — the Galaxy Tab 7.7 has cellular functions while the Transformer Prime boasts of a mobile dock.

To be clear though, the two tablets cater to a different target market. The Galaxy Tab 7.7 is thin, light and portable while the Transformer Prime is large, a bit heavy and still a bit bulky when attached to the dock.

So let’s look closely at the chart below and see where they differ.

Where the Galaxy Tab 7.7 excelled is the Super AMOLED Plus display, the pixel density and cellular functions.

The Transformer Prime definitely scored on the CPU, GPU, storage, camera, video recording, battery life and with Android 4.0 ICS. We can’t also ignore the Super IPS+ display of the tablet (remember the iPhone 4S also uses an IPS-LCD).

Both are really good devices but in the end, it’s a matter of perspective and taste.

So, let’s just put this to a vote, shall we? If you have Php33,000 to spend, where will your money go?

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39 Responses to “Asus Transformer Prime vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7”

  1. ces says:

    You forgot the dimensions-comparison sir.

  2. dulfo says:

    I will go for the Asus Transformer Prime!

  3. Jordan
    Twitter: DanAlferos

    Asus Transformer Prime for me because of its Quad Core Processor :)

  4. RedSimba says:

    I want the transformer.
    Can MSword or alike program be installed on android devices?

  5. 33k huh? Hmmm…. that Transformer Prime is looking mighty inviting. Ok lang kahit wala na yung mobile function. That keyboard dock will make up for it :D

  6. andre says:

    if i have 33k i will go for i phone or ipad or save ko nalang muna kasi may parating that will beat all of those…????!!!!

  7. Andres says:

    I like transformer

  8. celestia says:

    I’d go for the Asus. To think, it’s like having a tablet & a netbook at the same time. The dock can be conveniently removed, so it can be easily an option for the user. Plus with the NVIDIA, it can be an instant for games.

  9. Jerome San Juan says:

    may wifi issues ba talaga ung prime????

  10. AnonPinas says:

    Kung may internal modem lang ang lahat ng netbook sa pinas gaya ng ibang bansa, bumili na ako ng transformer.. buset na mga operators yan

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