Asus Zenbook Infinity unveiled, wrapped w/ Gorilla Glass

Up next is the press conference of Asus where they unveiled their latest line-up of products for 2013. The spotlight was dominated by a sneak preview of the Asus Zenbook Infinity.

Asus didn’t really give very detailed information about the hardware configuration of the Zenbook Infinity except for the fact that it will run on the 4th-generation Intel Core i7 Haswell chip.

Asus has also added more glass into the design, dropping the aluminum-alloy unibody chassis from last year. This time, they’ve added Corning Gorilla Glass 3 on top of the entire lid of the 13.3-inch laptop.

Aside from that, they also coated the trackpad with Gorilla Glass as well as the entire wristpad.

The IPS LCD of the main panel uses a different protective glass to make sure the touch-screen capability is not adversely affected.

Everything else will look the same as the older Zenbook Prime. The only demo unit they showe dot the press was encased in a polycarbonate box and is not turned on so we couldn’t really tinker with it much.

We’re still waiting for the press briefing to actually start so we may add some more details to this ultrabook as the day progresses.

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  1. opinionlang

    i think using corning glass all over a laptop’s body is not a good because laptops are usually placed on top of hard surfaces like tables,cooling fans,etc. which will make the glass be scratched or breaked

    • haller

      FYI: Corning gorilla glass is scratch proof.

    • rey is right, also gorilla glass is also not breakproof

  2. gorilla glass is scratch “resistant”, not scratch proof.


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