“Baby Moon” a custom-built case inspired by chrome hubcaps

From a record-breaking mod, let’s switch out attention something that’s a little pleasing to the eye. Shinji2k has recently uploaded the fruit of his year-long effort to come up with a kick-ass custom PC from scratch. And the end-result, which is called Baby Moon, was nothing short of outstanding and truly worth all the wait.

Baby Moon

According to Shinji2k, the inspiration (and the name) for his project came after picking up some chrome hubcaps dubbed as “Baby Moons”. He started posting mock ups of his project back in July of last year and since then has painstakingly created each piece from raw materials and slowly put the pieces together.

The cool thing about it is that Shinji2k always had a camera with him to document each step that he took (mistakes and all) while he was creating his masterpiece and post it on BitTech Forum.You can follow his journey from start to finish here.

Baby Moon mod

Baby Moon components:

Asrock H77M mini-ITX motherboard
3.4GHz Intel Core-i5 3570K (up to 3.8Ghz boost)
2x 4GB Corsair XMS RAM, 1600MHz
Intel X25-M Series SSD
Thermalright AXP-100 CPU Cooler
150-watt picoPSU


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