Canon Ixus i Zoom

Canon recently released another beauty for it’s digital camera line — Digital Ixus i Zoom. This point and shoot baby is a great buy for those point-and-shoot fanatics out there. Smaller, sexier and has better features than its predecessor (Digital Ixus i5), the new i Zoom has 2.4x optical zoom (f/3.2 – f/5.4) and could take images of up to 5 Megapixels.

I’ve seen this camera and it’s small enough to be wron around your neck. The 4 available colors (Jet, Cranberry, Sahara, Unltra-violet) adds flare too, though I like the black and red ones better.

Another one to consider alongside Canon Powershot A510/A520.

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  1. That looks like one cool camera.

  2. I hope it has a good flash, though.

    The Ixus 30 gives me dark long shots when I enable flash. I end up disabling flash (the lighting is okay but you’ll need steady hands or a tripod). Hopefully this Ixus i Zoom will be better.


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