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September 17, 2008

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 gets Priced

Dell Philippines formally announced the release of the Inspiron Mini 9″ in a launch party this evening. It’s a little late in an already crowded netbook market but as they say, “it’s better late than never”.

We got first confirmation of its local availability about 2 weeks ago during the Intel Atom launch. Earlier reports of the specs can be found here although the red version spotted last May is nowhere to be found (only available in Obsidian Black).

inspiron mini

And the price — Php24,599 for the Windows XP Home version. The Ubuntu Linux model, seen here in the picture, has not been priced yet.

inspiron mini

Click on image to see larger picture.

The built-in webcam is 2.0 megapixel. The QWERTY keyboard has a slightly different layout where the Fucntion keys are placed at the middle rows instead of the usual top row. Other miscellaneous keys are also missing — Scroll Lock, Num Lock, Pause/Break, etc — so it has much fewer keys.

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17 Responses to “Dell Inspiron Mini 9 gets Priced”

  1. Jay says:


    hmm… is it yuga or DeLL bought that young executive a cheeseburger to market the latest inspiron Mini 9?


  2. yuga says:

    It’s one of the Dell models.

  3. BrianB says:

    Wow, 2MP webcam for webcam addicts. It could be a deal maker to a lot of people.

  4. BrianB says:

    I don’t mind the lack of function keys. As long as it has esc and delete and back. But very pricey. You can get a c2d Vostro for that price.

  5. L.A says:

    lolz ito pala yung event kanina sa labas ng Glorye :D

  6. Mark says:

    Neat design ..(^_~)..

  7. jhay says:

    Darn school work kept me from attending the launch event. *sighs*

    Looks neat and for that price tag it’s a deal for some.

    But I still have my eyes set on the Lenovo IdeaPad. :D

  8. kouji says:

    interesting. :) still am looking at the cheaper options.

  9. pepper says:

    looks nice but too pricey for me. with that price, i rather get the 10inch asus eee or msi wind.

  10. brixo says:

    samsung has jumped into the bandwagon also! check gizmodo! hehehe..

  11. Sean says:

    Hello, this is Sean over at I just wanted to remind readers that Inspiron Mini 9 users get 2 GB of online storage for free from, along with our simple sharing tools.

  12. maya says:

    where can i buy dat? s it available in villman?

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