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March 11, 2008

Gecko UMPC, the $300 Laptop

Everyone’s into cheap ultra-portables now. ECS and MSI already announced their versions. This new one is called Gecko (designed by Norhtec) — an energy efficient, rugged, and highly compatible laptop. Check out the pics and specs after the jump.

At 7 inches, it follows the Asus Eee PC with an 800 x 480 pixel screen size. It also has a built-in WIFI, LASN port, 3-in-1 memory card reader, 256 MB DDR 2 RAM (up to 1GB RAM) and 4GB SSD or a 40 GB HDD.

Gecko Laptop

Pretty much like the Eee PC right? This UMPC is powered by a 1GHz VIA C7M CPU and will last about 3.5 hours of battery life. You can have Linux or Windows installed as an OS but by default, it will come with Linpus Lite Linux pre-installed.


From the announcement in their site, it looks like this machine is already in its final testing phase in their Nigerian office and would have been on display during the recent CES 2008. The 40GB HDD version will be priced under $300 but models will come with the default 4GB Solid State Drive (the 40GB option is nice!).

So far, this the the closest commercial model to the Asus Eee PC I’ve ever seen and the pricing is also very competitive.

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12 Responses to “Gecko UMPC, the $300 Laptop”

  1. vance says:

    hmm, I will agree… the 300USD price tag with 4Gb SSD or 40Gb ordinary is attractive enough..

  2. sylv3rblade
    Twitter: sylv3rblade

    I’ll hold judgment until I see the actual price. Baka lumipad ulit like most of the newly announced tech pieces nowadays.

  3. otoyreyes says:

    geeez i hope that $300 wont be $400 or $500 when it reach Philippines…

  4. vance says:

    @otoy its always like that..

  5. LiNTEK says:

    ……The 40GB HDD version will be priced under $300…. so far this is the only feature which will make it more attractive than the “older” Eee.

  6. jhay says:

    I’d still wait for the 9-inch eeePC :D

  7. ash says:

    I believe Asus Eee will still stand out over this one.

  8. ajie says:

    is this the same with astone umpc? it only costs P21,000.. the specs are almost similar, however, i am not familiar with both brands. here’s the link…

  9. Rico Zuniga
    Twitter: ricoz

    With the recent announcement of the 9″ Asus Eee I don’t think the Gecko would stand out. And the 7″ Eee’s price will surely drop when the 9″ version starts shipping.

    Looks to me like another case of too little too late. Unless they price it really really cheap like in the sub 18k level.

  10. vance says:

    nothings to late.. But The processors is quite slow.. compared to upcoming 9″ Asus EEE that will be using the new Intel Atom..

    now if asus can make the 9″ version to have a 1024 resolution that would be perfect sub notebook.

  11. Rico Zuniga
    Twitter: ricoz


    It does! 1024×600!

    Read this engadget post for more details:

  12. sylv3rblade
    Twitter: sylv3rblade

    @Kuya Rico
    If that will be the price range of either of these (which I doubt), I’ll gladly fork over my life savings for a unit.

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