Gigabyte U21M, Intel Haswell Convertible Tablet

Gigabyte remains to be one of the very few laptop manufacturers that produces the convertible tablet, a design that has been around for over a decade. Spotted in the Gigabyte booth is this 11.6-inch Gigabyte U21M.

The idea behind convertible tablets is that they basically have the standard laptop form factor but the base of the lid has a swivel where you can rotate it up to 180-degrees and lock down the lib back to the keyboard, giving you full access to the touchscreen display as if it’s a fully-functional tablet.

Now that Windows 8 has been built to be very tablet-friendly, Gigabyte is also banking into Intel’s latest Haswell release to make the Gigabyte U21M more compelling than its predecessors.

No specific details were given only that the U21M will run on a 4th-generation Intel Core i5/i7, up to 16GB of RAM and up to 256GB mSATA with an optional 1TB of regular HDD. The rest of the features are basically common but we’re surprised the U21M also comes with a 3G SIM card slot.

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  1. Freeje

    Looks great but already got a W700 which is good enough.


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