Google Nexus 7 to arrive late August for Php15k?

We got some very reliable sources telling us that the Google Nexus 7 tablet will arrive in the Philippines sometime before end of August.

Of the two variants, only the 16GB model will be eventually released in the Philippines.

This is probably because a lot of people will be complaining about the lack of expandable storage (no microSD card here).

Also at $199, we don’t think Google is making any money out of the hardware but there could be some margins with the 16GB $249 variant. Google’s introduction of their own branded Nexus tablet is mostly an exercise to showcase their latest Android platform. Where Google can benefit in the long run is with the purchase of the apps and content in the Google Play Store and the dependence of the device with “search” (which is really their core business).

While we were not told what’s the exact retail price, the best case scenario is the Nexus 7 will be priced around Php15k. It’s pricier than the $249 price tag in the US but at Php15k, you’re still getting a quad-core Tegra 3 tablet running Jelly Bean.

Not really that surprising since when the Galaxy Nexus arrived in the Philippines, it was Php5k to Php8k more expensive than in the US.

Note: We pre-ordered our own unit in the US and the price did not include the $12 State Tax and the $14 local shipping.

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  1. Greedy talaga mga tsekwa na yan!

  2. miongb

    inunahan na sila ng samsung! newly released galaxy tab 2 wifi is only 12,990! ung wid phone capabilities 17k lng!

    • Lol. Vanilla Android 4.1, Quad Core, ASUS, 1280×800 > Galaxy Tab 2.

    • Lol. Vanilla Android 4.1, Quad Core, ASUS, 1280×800 > Galaxy Tab 2.

  3. the nexus 7 has issues with screen.. asus had only 4mos to make it, no rigid testing… there’s a definite compromise on quality.. think twice guys…

    • Only pre-production units are affected.

    • Papapau:

      So yung mga ibebentang million units ngayon eh nagawa na 2 months ago pa?

      pati yung mga ibebenta next year 4mos lang rin gagawin? ay grabe napapaisip na nga ako..

      Give me a gadget that has no aftersales problem, which by the way, can be fixed or serviced..

  4. zer0ice

    I am waiting for the right tablet and when I learned about the Google Nexus, I said, this is it!

    Sir Abe, this ‘news’ truly exciting! I really wish it’ll come really soon coz I’m buying! :-)

    I wonder.. if they’re selling the tablet here, would that mean other sections of the Play Store be available to us as well? Like Music, Videos, and Magazines? It’s interesting.. if Google wants to really be successful, it’ll follow what Apple did to the iTunes Store… OPEN up other contents for the Philippines and in more markets across the world!

  5. Ronald

    In the uk it’s £200 with free shipping within uk.;-1;-1;-1;-1&sku=830087

  6. it’s also non-removable battery, should i be concern?

    • Papapau

      No. As the technology continues to improve, battery these days last longer, no need na removable pa, mas sturdy at mas sleek.

  7. Papapau

    USER INTERFACE (Lags and Crashes.)
    “Project Butter” by Google, implemented on Nexus 7(Jellybean), gpu and cpu parallel, and predicting your next move… in short.. NO LAGS! Besides, AOKP ICS ko (linaro Kernel) eh wala na lags now. Nga pala wag nyo sasabihing crash lagi android, type nyo sa google to..

    “iOS crashes more than Android 2012”

    Google is promoting their services, google drive, dropbox, box.. diba nga meron silang chromebook? yung laptop na walang storage, all WEB.. parang ganun.. pero still badtrip pa rin, parang iPhone, walang sd slot.. Well you can try these..

    – Maximize Web storage.
    – USB Flashdisk(OTG cable) or better to use USB HUB.

    Nagugulat kayo sa presyo, eh ganyan naman kahit sino, yung 37k sa mall, 29k sa widgetcity… at the mere fact na hindi rin naman kayo bibili sa ASUS, widgetcity, multiply, kimstore, tipidcp din naman bagsak nyo, kung maka-react naman kayo.. hehe.

  8. Natawa nlang ako sa nababasa ko. Sbi nga will be around 15k. means nde pa sure yun. tpos kung makareact mga tao d2… hehe

  9. Ang laki naman ng tubo… P15k agad!!! Grabe po ha…

  10. raymond

    For Google to make up for its lack of an SD expansion slot it should level its price point with that of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 2 which is currently priced at P12,990.

  11. mahal naman ng 15k. dapat 11k lang yang 16gb version at 9k lang dapat ang 8gb.

  12. Bella02

    If Google will subsidize the product in the Philippines like in the US (which of course will probably not happen), and if the PH government will cut the 12% vat, customs charges, and if someone is willing to ship throusands of units here for free definitely it will be equivalent to more or less $249 in Pesos. It’s the same principle as buying Calvin Kleins or Nine West shoes in the US and comparing it to the price here. Yeah, you can get it definitely for $249 in the US, if you are willing to shed the extra cost of the ticket or shipping it here with all the duties.

  13. Asus planning to sell this at 12,990. Sana totoo!!!

  14. Che Mercado

    guys i was planning to buy Nexus 7.. dami kuna din nabasang news and rumors.. well sa price naman
    yes $249 sa tax not included pa po yan depending sa state ka naka tira at sa shipping so more than $249 dollar.. usually aabot ng 12k php..

    beside guys sa US lang sila mura talaga..
    in UK 199 pounds X 66.8 = 13,293php
    in AUS 319 aus dollars X 43.7 = 13,940php
    in HK (grey unit)2850 hk dollars X 5 = 14,250php

    guys with nexus 7 @ 13k to 14k php pwedi na
    compare with galaxy tab 2 with only dual core processor..

  15. So, what’s the latest here?

    Is it available in the Philippines already?


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